Rapid Cooking Leads to Rapid Profits

Rapid cooking can lead to rapid profits.

You can only increase human efficiency and speed by so much, though, so in many cases speed can only be increased by the equipment we use to cook.

Speeding up the cooking process has never been the problem. After all, you can take a piece of chicken, stick it over an open flame, and in a matter of minutes you’ll have something that’s cooked…but is it tasty?

And the quality? That’s another story.

Finding the right balance between speed and quality has been an age old endeavor going back to times when people had to cook their foods over open flames. Today, we have different options with, often, the same challenges.

There are solutions that can help foodservice operators accomplish both, and our friends at TurboChef are leading those efforts.

The TurboChef ventless high-speed conveyor ovens use a patented technology to heat foods faster than any other conveyor oven on the market. And they accomplish this while maintaining ideal food quality within a ventless, compact, and stackable countertop footprint.

In today’s environment of pickup and curbside service, when restaurants are basically turning their front sidewalk windows into snack bars, having a countertop ventless oven with the capabilities to produce a variety of high-quality foods — quickly — is a game changer.middleby recipe card pizza featuring turbochef

middleby recipe card chicken wings featuring turbochef

middleby recipe card salmon featuring turbochef-1

Learn more about ventless cooking solutions from the Middleby family of brands. Download our comprehensive guide to ventless cooking.

middleby ventless guide

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