Quality, Reliability, and Precision with Synesso Commercial Espresso Machines

Consumption of specialty coffee and espresso-based drinks is on the rise, with more consumers than ever seeking out local coffee bars and roasteries dedicated to a higher standard of taste and flavor. Synesso commercial espresso machines are crafted to bring these coffee visions to life through famous build-quality, long-term reliability and precision performance.

The History of Espresso 

First made in Italy in the 1800s, espresso is both a brewing method and a style of drink. Derived from any variety of finely ground coffee beans, espresso can take on different flavor profiles based on the beans and roasting methods used. By forcing hot water through fine grinds and applying 132 pounds of pressure per inch, espresso machines can extract the highly concentrated drink from the grounds. 

With Roots in Seattle

Synesso was designed by engineer Mark Barnett, driven by the idea of creating a more thermally stable, premium quality commercial espresso machine for the Specialty Coffee marketplace. Having worked forSynesso Hydra commercial espresso machine on counter with teal cups on top an Italian espresso maker, Mark knew that he could build a better commercial espresso machine, in the United States, that didn’t exist at the time. Created in 2003 out of Mark’s Seattle garage, the first Synesso espresso equipment was called ‘engineered perfection’ by the leading professionals of the time. Almost 20 years, 45 countries, and 8,000 machines later, Synesso makes high-quality, easy-to-use American-made espresso machines that the top 10% of espresso shops are using.

Espresso Today

Espresso has become so popular that in addition to cafes, it’s also available in businesses such as bookstores, bakeries, and wine bars. In addition to the classic shot of espresso, there’s a wide variety of specialty drinks to be crafted. According to the Specialty Coffee Association’s 2018 report, the Latte is the most popular espresso-based drink in the US, however, the Flat White and Cortado are rising in popularity. Owning a Synesso premium commercial espresso unit allows businesses to put their own spin on the classics, or create new drink options that can be sold at a premium price.

You Can’t Outpour a Synesso

Every business is different in volume and barista skill levels. Synesso has you covered with both the S-Series and MVP Hydra machines. Created for businesses with a small to medium output of espresso, the Synesso S-Series has a minimal footprint allowing for greater engagement with customers across the bar. With digital shot times, extraction controlled by volumetric programming, and automatic repeatable recipes, this espresso machine offers premium level components and features at a value-minded price, making it perfect for smaller shops looking to differentiate themselves against their competition. Perfect for specialty cafes that handle a high volume of espresso orders, the Synesso MVP Hydra is the go-to professional espresso machine for businesses that like complete control of their craft. With control over temperature and the ability to program 4-stages of pressure control, and independent pumps, motors, and brew-boilers, the MVP Hydra allows professional Baristas creative freedom to extract every flavor nuance from their coffees. These features also mean the Hydra can handle high order volumes without skipping a beat. It’s the true workhorse of the busiest Specialty Coffee shops around the world.

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