Preparing Healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks With Blodgett Combi Hoodini

Preparing healthy meals for students is an important part of managing a school nutrition program. Students have varying dietary requirements and need the nutrition that will take them through the day. However, adding additional cooking space often isn’t possible. The Blodgett Combi Hoodini is here to change the game.

Working in Tight Spaces

School cafeteria kitchens often have tight spaces and not many, if any, options for expansion. That means that preparing healthy lunches, breakfasts, and snacks for students becomes a difficult task in a cramped space.

Providing the best healthy food options for students is key. But knowing there isn’t space to add in additional ovens, hoods, or ventilators makes doing the job more complicated. To provide the best experience and quality food, you need to think outside the box.

Going Ventless

Adding vents or additional HVAC capabilities in your school cafeteria kitchen can be expensive and even impossible based on your available space. Thankfully, there is a better way. The Blodgett Combi Hoodini oven is a ventless combi oven that canBlodgett Combi Hoodini BLCT-101E-H combi oven replace traditional ventilation options. The combi oven utilizes a condenser to remove steam exhaust and a catalyst to remove smoke and fumes, eliminating the need for traditional ventilation.

Because the Blodgett Combi oven doesn’t require filters, it makes the cleaning process much easier. The need to change out expensive HEPA filters is eliminated, and you can manage the maintenance process internally without the need for external service providers. This can save money, and when you add up the number of schools in a district, the savings can be significant.

Quiet, Quick, and Up to Code

The Hoodini has the highest level of certification for EPA 202, making it up to code and safe to use for a variety of nutritious meal options. Food is prepared quickly and quietly without ventilation systems making a loud noise with every use. It’s easy to cut down on cooking time by pre-programming recipes and times that save on labor and produce consistent results. And the 9-speed fan can help you find the best possible methods for your menus.

Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks

There are endless possibilities for nutritious meals with the Blodgett Combi Hoodini. It’s a great choice for schools that want to create diverse, delicious healthy menus for their students.


Healthy snacks can help your students get through long days and stay focused on their studies. With a ventless combi oven, you quickly whip up healthy snacks like sweet potato fries, roasted vegetables, and oatmeal and raisin cookies. Try this recipe for peanut butter banana pockets for a portable snack that’s packed with protein.

Receipe card for peanut butter banana pockets


School-aged children love hearty breakfasts, and with the ventless combi oven, you can cook bacon, eggs, potatoes, fresh breads, bagels, and more complicated recipes like quiches that will satisfy even the pickiest palate. This egg and cheese breakfast burrito checks all the boxes.

Recipe for egg and cheese burrito in combi oven


Getting creative with lunches is so much easier when you have the power of a ventless combi oven behind you. Try different meals like roasted chicken, sliders, and burgers packed with veggies, multi-grain bread, and rice dishes. A rachero pork burrito bowl is an on-trend dish full of flavor.

Recipe card for ranchero pork burrito for combi oven

Cooking with Blodgett Combi Hoodini

The Blodgett Combi Hoodini is a ventless combi oven that provides more options for usable space in your school kitchen, allowing you to expand your healthy meal offerings with ease. A combi oven for schools allows you to focus on the food, not on finding space. Give the Blodgett Combi Hoodini a try and see how quickly you can prepare delicious, healthy lunches for students.

Cooking healthy meals is only half of the battle. Delivering them hot is another. Learn about holding equipment that will allow you store food safely until served.

Serve Hot, Delicious Meals

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