Redefine Premium Ice with Follett’s New Champion Dispensers

Selecting a dependable, clean ice machine is crucial for any business. Follett Champion™ Dispensers prioritize efficiency, sanitation, service, and quality, allowing operators to focus on their business. 

Follett’s new Champion Dispensers have a sleek and stylish appearance. Available in freestanding, countertop, or undercounter models, these small, compact units can be installed almost anywhere. Able to produce up to 100 pounds of Chewblet® ice daily, these dispensers provide one of the most popular ice types.

An Overview of Follett Champion Dispensers for Ice and Water

Whether it’s the Champion 7, designed to serve up to 50 people, or the Champion 15, which caters to up to 75, these units ensure ample ice production. These ice makers blend functionality with aesthetics and are ideal for small and medium-sized volumes. The new Champion Dispensers from Follett have been designed with many additional benefits.

The Added Benefit of Hot Beverages

Follett’s Champion Dispensers don’t simply produce ice. They also include a drinking water function that enhances any break room or common area. Including an optional hot water feature means additional beverage choices, seamlessly integrating with the beloved Chewblet ice that customers prefer. The addition of hot water transforms the dispenser into a versatile hub, ideal for preparing various beverages and meals, ranging from soothing hot teas and hot chocolate to hearty oatmeal and convenient instant soups and noodles.

Ice and Water Dispenser Sanitation

Follett Champion Dispensers include a suite of sanitation features to prioritize cleanliness. They incorporate Antimicrobial SHIELD technology to ensure every interaction is hygienic, which includes the following features: a clean light in the dispensing area and an internal UV light that further enhances cleanliness by purifying the water reservoir, providing reassurance with every dispensed drink. Touch-free dispensing so users can enjoy their beverages without worrying and Agion silver-based antimicrobial product production of critical ice and water contact components to improve long-lasting cleanliness

Easy Operations

Champion Dispensers provide user and operator convenience. The upgraded 4.3″ touchscreen enhances user experience and offers advanced diagnostics, alerts, and self-help instructions, making maintenance effortless. Users can easily access on-screen cleaning and sanitizing instructions, with the option to select their preferred language among English, Spanish, and French. For service agents, component performance data is readily available for quick and accurate diagnosis, while IoT readiness enables remote diagnostics for maximum uptime.

Fight Scaling

The ion exchange filter mitigates scale buildup, ensuring optimal performance in various water conditions. Factory-supplied Claris ion exchange scale-inhibiting filters enhance equipment longevity and reduce the frequency of cleanings. These filters extend the intervals between maintenance sessions, prolonging equipment life and minimizing downtime. For applications where RO or ion exchange filtration systems are already installed, models without filters are also available, offering tailored solutions to specific needs.

Installation of Follett’s Champion Dispensers

Effortless to set up, the drainless design of this dispenser simplifies installation, requiring only two connections: electric and push-in water connection. It arrives fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Its innovative design allows the installation of units anywhere there’s a water line, eliminating the need for costly drain installations.

Learn more on the Champion Dispenser resource page, which includes spec sheets:

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