There’s Power in One Touch

In a labor-challenged foodservice industry, developing processes that are uniform will preserve consistency and quality, and will save time are critical in today’s marketplace. One easy way to achieve these goals is to consider a system where operators and kitchen staff can use a standardized set of controls across a full suite of foodservice equipment. Middleby’s answer to this challenge is a new user interface called One Touch.

Designed with operators in mind, One Touch is an easy way to operate a full range of equipment solutions using the same controls. Standardized views include recipe management, cooking types, settings, and a progress circle that displays how far along an operator is during any process. Because recipes drive so many processes, it was created with these tendencies in mind. Using the One Touch controller, it’s easy to access recipes by food type, by dayparts, or they can even be grouped as part of specials or limited-time offers.

Foodservice operators benefit from Middleby because of our great collection of brands, but when it comes to controls, we realize uniformity is something our customers look for to help alleviate current challenges. Today, there are currently eight unique Middleby brands that provide these capabilities, with more brands coming on board in the months and years to come.

Here are five important things to consider when looking at the One Touch platform:

1. Promote Consistency And Quality

The logical conclusion from equipment that operates using the same, consistent interface are foods produced on that equipment with consistent, quality results. Uniformity means it’s possible to produce dependable menu items regardless of the staff member responsible for them, regardless of the shift or daypart. And with the guesswork gone.

2. Save Time

Middleby studies have shown units that operate using the same interface make it possible to shave 22 seconds off the average completion time required to complete a function. One Touch not only saves time during a busy rush but also helps operators by making training more efficient, too.

3. Speak To Modern Demographics

Middleby’s goal for One Touch is to satisfy kitchen staff who are younger and more tech-savvy than previous generations may have been. The result is a lightning-fast and fluid control environment that speak to today’s tech-driven workforce, and with an interface that’s visually oriented, it also can help mitigate language barriers in today’s diverse commercial kitchens.

4.  Empower Staff And Makes Them More Effective

One Touch is a single user interface that works across a range of Middleby products. Whether it’s a Pitco fryer, a Firex, a TurboChef rapid cook oven, or even a Taylor soft serve ice cream machine, once an operator uses a Middleby One Touch control, he or she will become a power user for any Middleby One Touch product.

5. One Touch Connects To The Cloud

Connectivity is becoming more and more critical to operating a successful foodservice operation, and we designed Middleby One Touch with that in mind. Our controls are Open Kitchen ready, giving operators a straightforward, hassle-free way to connect and onboard equipment using a cloud-based, Internet of Things solution. For multi-location operations, this is a seamless way to connect the entire business to a single point of reference.

Learn more about the power of One Touch at the Middleby Innovation Kitchens, located near Dallas, Texas.

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