Pizza Made Easier With Doyon Dough Sheeters

Recently, independent pizza sales have doubled while chain sales continue to dominate the digital revenue stream as well . Making sure those pies are ready quickly and cooked uniformly is essential to gaining repeat business and increasing throughput and profitability.

As much as ingredients play a role with creating flavor and texture, how those ingredients are processed is also a critical component in developing quality and uniformity. Using a Doyon Dough Sheeter in your pizzeria, for example, can help ensure product consistency with every use and automate the pizza-making process, letting your business get orders out the door faster.

The Same Pie Every Time

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Nothing beats enjoying a hot pizza with all the toppings. Making sure your pizza looks and tastes the same every time is part of your brand’s consistency, which is very important to customers, who are looking for pizzas that are cooked evenly throughout the dough. Pizza dough that is stretched to different thicknesses causes an uneven bake, which can mean undercooked dough in some spots and burnt in others. Having a consistent dough roll out with the same diameter and thickness each time means that the crust will bake more evenly and quickly..

Saving Time and Labor

Making and delivering pizzas quickly after the order is placed is imperative for your foodservice business. Hospitality Technology recently reported on a study that said customers who wait less than two minutes for their order are four times more likely to return. An extra few minutes on top of the expected wait time can mean the difference between happy or disgruntled customers.

It’s also essential to make sure that your staff has what they need to get those pies out on time, and ensuring that the pizzas have the same look and thickness depends on having the right tools to get the job done. And when it’s time to end the day, having equipment that’s easy to clean and sanitize not only makes the job easier but also keeps your food products safe.

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Make Pizza Consistent Every Time

Doyon DL18DP Dough Sheeter

Stretching the pizza dough to a consistent product thickness, Doyon Dough Sheeter is up to six times more efficient than rolling dough by hand. The Sheeter allows a single operator to produce hundreds of pieces per hour and stretch the dough to whatever thickness your operation desires. There are also various features built in to ensure food and personal safety. Having the Doyon Dough Sheeter in your commercial kitchen helps your business save time, build pizzas quicker, and build customer confidence.

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