Let Your Menu Dictate Your Fryer Choice

When you’re designing a new foodservice operation or considering what type of equipment you need as you remodel your restaurant, where do you begin? The most effective method is to start with a menu, and then compare solutions that will provide operational versatility.

This is the concept behind Pitco’s Solstice commercial deep fryer line. As with most things, there’s never a one-size-fits-all fryer, and Solstice was designed with modular capabilities in mind. Pitco has a wide variety of commercial deep fryer options in both gas and electric powered units. Not only that but these fryers are built to last day in and day out and have options to make cooking, cleaning, and servicing as easy as possible.

Review Your Menu and Forecast Traffic

If you’re starting new, then a menu examination and forecasted traffic will help you determine what you need. If the start of your menus are fried foods like fish and chips, fried chicken, fried seafood, or other large quantities of the same or similar menu items then you can look to the 18″ fryers that offer more frying space. Need a little bit more room? Tack on a 14″ fryer to create your custom fry station. If you are pumping out large quantities you might also want to consider a Solstice BNB holding and merchandising piece to your new custom station to extend the shelf life of your food and profits.

Save Room In Your Kitchen

If you are renovating take a look at the pain points of your deep fry station. Do you need more fry space but not a lot of room? The Solstice line has all the options you might need! A bump up from a standard 14″ x 14″ fryer to a wide 18″ x 14″ fryer gives you an additional fry basket without taking up the extra room of an 18″ x 18″ commercial fryer. This gives you 33% more cooking area while still saving space which is more important than ever before in commercial kitchens.



While some options were already mentioned they are just the tip of the iceberg! Not only can you add on fry pots, you can mix and match fryer sizes, and add on holding and merchandising stations directly to your fryer as well. Once you’ve determined a fryer configuration you have a whole menu of control options. You can keep it basic with Solid State or Digital controls, or you can enter the worlds of automation with Computer and Touchscreen options as well. More advanced controls will help fry cooks manage multiple recipes especially if they fry at varying temperatures.

Using the fryer to cook is only half the battle, when it comes to commercial fryers, oil management is the real battle to tackle when it comes to usability. Here you have options of both portable or built-in filtrations as well as hookups for waste oil management systems. While all fryers need to go through oil filtration on a regular basis, your menu will dictate exactly how often you need to filter. If you are frying large amounts of fresh breaded product then you should take a closer look at how built-in filtration drawers can truly help with efficiency and labor.

Accessorize Your Frying Station

Lastly, your menu will also tell you how to accessorize your fry stations. Basket choices are important so knowing your options for your fryer size can make both the fry station a safer place to work as well as functional efficiency. For instance, if you are frying small amounts to order for a varied appetizer menu, take a look at the triple or quadruple sized baskets. Cooking large quantities of fried product? While some bulk baskets might seem tempting, take into consideration the weight the product will have when a chef has to maneuver the basket multiple times a day. In this case, smaller, dual sized options could be a better fit.

When Solstice was created, the goal was to create a line of high-quality fryers where every type of operation could find a unit that meets its own set of challenges. The translation is a line of fryers that can accommodate different types of menu items with the following features.

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