Perfect Toppings Served By Star and Wunder-Bar

Purchasing food in convenience stores is on the rise. According to the Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing, even before the pandemic, food service accounted for 23% of convenience store sales.

The typical shopper is in and out of convenience stores within four minutes, which means items need to be close at hand and ready to use, including condiments. Traditional food items that customers are looking to grab and go in a c-store include hot dogs and nachos. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council estimate that Americans eat 20 billion hot dogs per year, including from convenience stores. Having a variety of condiment dispensers helps keep food sanitary and readily available for customers.

Pile On The Toppings

Sometimes what you put on top of your food tells a lot about where you live. The relish, pickle spear, and tomato slices on a Chicago-style hot dog are entirely different than the sriracha, cream cheese, and onions on a hot dog from Seattle. Even in cities that don’t traditionally use a ton of toppings on their hot dogs and hamburgers, customers expect to have ketchup, mustard, and relish options.

Making sure the condiments that your customers are looking for are easily accessible can make or break a sale. Putting out individual condiment packets isn’t cost-effective, and every popular topping doesn’t lend itself to being in a small plastic package. Having condiment dispensers on hand in a c-store helps control costs, maintains consistency, and keeps the condiments self-contained and sanitary.

Keep It Warm

Hot, creamy cheese on top of hot dogs or nachos can bring back summertime, road trip memories. Pouring on hot chili in addition to the cheese takes the food to the next level. What customers don’t want is lukewarm, clumped cheese or cold chili on their food. Serving the chili and cheese out of a heated dispenser gives a steady, controlled stream of product at a regulated temperature. Dispensers also allow the toppings to be kept in a sealed container, which helps keep the food from exposure to air and other elements.

If you’re looking for condiment dispensers for your convenience store, look no further than Middleby Star Cheese Chili DispenserWunder-Bar and Star. Wunder-Bar’s portion-controlled condiment dispensers dispense various products, including ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressings, and even fudge. Star’s heated peristaltic dispensers have a patented heating and pumping system designed for pouched condiments.

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