Creating Perfect Pizza With Ventless TurboChef Conveyor Ovens

Pizza purchases are on the rise. With more people ordering take-out or delivery due to COVID restrictions, independent pizza operators have seen growth in their sales. To maximize those profits, pizzerias and restaurants need to have the right equipment in their kitchens to produce pizza quicker and more efficiently. Let the TurboChef high-speed conveyors help your business.

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Produce Evenly Cooked Food Faster

With TurboChef’s patented High-h air impingement technology, food cooks 40-50% faster than traditional conveyors. There are up to eight customizable, easy to use, cooking profiles, making production quicker. The mono-finger design allows for evenly distributed air to run at a higher velocity for evenly cooked baking. With the ability to produce large quantities of evenly cooked pizzas, TurboChef conveyors are always working for you.

TurboChef Conveyor

Lots of Flexibility For Your Kitchen

Turbochef conveyors can be stacked up to 3 units high with an add-on stacking kit. In addition, they are ventless allowing you to put these anywhere in your operation. This provides more floor space and allows conveyors in areas you might not have considered with a traditional oven. Turbochef offers conveyor belts with widths up to 26″ in a compact footprint. The configuration options also include a left or right feed option to fit your kitchen’s layout perfectly.

Cost Savings, Profit Increases

The TurboChef conveyors are easy to use and clean, saving on labor costs. Does your kitchen serve add-ons like chicken wings or garlic knots? There’s an option for a 50/50 or 70/30 split belt, increasing profits without extra labor from your staff. The conveyors have an idle mode for energy conservation, and U.S. models offer smart voltage sensor technology, easily allowing users to configure the oven to the right voltage. And with the ventless option, you’ll be saving on hood installation and maintenance costs.

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