Quick Guide to Outfitting a Commercial Restaurant Kitchen

Outfitting a restaurant kitchen with the right foodservice equipment is a complex task. It requires knowledge of current trends and challenges, as well as innovative ways to solve them. The good news is today’s foodservice landscape offers solutions to help operators become more efficient and profitable with fewer resources. From foodservice equipment dealers to consultants and designers to equipment manufacturers, there are many places to turn for up-to-date information, and Middleby is one of those resources. This abbreviated guide aims to provide a structured approach to setting up a commercial restaurant kitchen. We’ll focus on the three essential equipment types needed for a profitable operation.

Outfitting a Restaurant Kitchen Starts with Storage

The foundation of a well-functioning kitchen is proper food storage, whether foodservice operators are utilizing dry racks, walk-ins, reach-in refrigerators and freezers, or even in a growing cabinet. The key objectives are to ensure food safety, preserve quality, reduce food waste, and develop an organized system that places ingredients in easily accessible locations to streamline operations. Additionally, staff safety is a critical concern. Overloaded shelving or poorly maintained walk-in refrigerators can result in hazardous conditions that adversely impact the overall safety of kitchen staff.

Find Foodservice Equipment That Promotes Food Preparation

Mise en place is critical to the performance of any restaurant kitchen, whether it’s a fast casual concept or an elegant, fine dining service. What’s the best way to promote mise en place? Design your kitchen with food preparation equipment that saves time and keeps ingredients organized within reach of staff. Refrigerated prep tables are ideal for pizza or sandwich menus. To manage rush times, slicers and mixers are critical for advanced preparation tasks. And for the ultimate in food prep efficiency, consider a food processor that delivers versatile capabilities.

Menu Execution Depends on the Right Cooking Equipment

Cooking equipment forms the backbone of any restaurant kitchen, playing a pivotal role in menu execution and culinary excellence. To ensure a seamless and diverse cooking experience, it’s imperative to invest in the right tools. A high-quality range is indispensable for accommodating a wide range of cooking techniques, from sautéing and simmering to baking and roasting. Grills are fundamental for many restaurant menus, adding that sought-after char and flavor. Use a flat-top grill for plancha-type service or a charbroiler for succulent steaks! Commercial fryers are an absolute necessity for achieving the perfect crispiness in favorites like French fries and fried chicken. And let’s not forget convection ovens! These ovens serve as versatile workhorses, ideal for tasks ranging from delicate baking to robust roasting and broiling. In essence, the right cooking equipment lays the foundation for culinary creativity, consistency, and customer satisfaction.

Designed for success: Laying out your restaurant kitchen with help from Middleby.

Outfitting a restaurant kitchen layout with commercial foodservice equipment represents a major investment that can significantly impact your restaurant’s success. By carefully selecting the right equipment, you’ll not only ensure efficient operations but also create a safe and functional workspace for your staff. Keep in mind that the needs of your kitchen may vary based on your restaurant’s concept and cuisine. Conduct thorough research, consult with experts, and consider the unique requirements of your establishment. With the right equipment in place, your restaurant will be well-prepared to deliver exceptional food and dining experiences to your customers.

Middleby is here to help you deliver. We offer a full suite of foodservice equipment brands designed to touch every aspect of a foodservice operation, regardless of the concept. From fine dining restaurants to QSRs, Middleby Test Kitchens are available for you to take foodservice equipment from the top brands in the industry for a spin.  Let us help you find solutions to match your menu. Find your nearest test kitchen today to get started.

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