On-Campus Dining Options With Middleby Marshall WOW! Ovens

Keeping college students on-campus to eat is a challenge. Even before COVID, Restaurant Trend reported 90% of students were eating off-campus once a week. Offering a variety of quick food options can keep students on-campus to spend their money. Producing that food is much easier with Middleby Marshall WOW! conveyor ovens.

Giving Options To Everyone

Students from all backgrounds and of all ages are attending college. So having different options for different palates is important in gaining student sales. The WOW! ovens can cook a wide variety of food options, from traditional college food like pizza and burgers, to quesadillas, crispy spring rolls, and quiche. The WOW! can also be used as an air-fryer for fresh fries, chicken strips, and onion rings, providing students with healthier options than fried food.

Quicker Service Times

When classes are changing and rush hour in the student union hits, getting food out quickly is a must. Middleby Marshall WOW! ovens provide a quicker cooking time than traditional or convection ovens by as much as 30%. These high speeds are achieved without sacrificing quality or consistency by using improved air flow and advanced burner designs.

Having equipment that’s easy to use is another key to getting food out the door fast, which will keep students and staff happier. Middleby Marshall WOW! has easy to use digital controls which reduces complications.

Any Space Can Turn Into a Profit Center with the WOW! Ventless Oven

Are you looking to turn an under utilized space into a profit center? With Middleby Marshall’s PS638-V WOW! ventless oven, we can do just that! This unit can be stacked 2 high for maximum output, not to mention it can sit just about anywhere. Stadiums are turning stairwells into profit centers and hotels are creating mobile kiosks with ventless technology. The sky is the limit for profits, ventless, and WOW!   All this versatility lets your staff cook more food in unconventional spaces, equaling more profit for your business.

Learn more about Middleby Marshall WOW! Ovens and other Ventless Solutions available for any college and university kitchen:

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