Feeding Students Nutritious Meals Quickly With APW Wyott

Feeding children nutritious meals every day at school is a task that school cafeteria staff take very seriously. Serving meals to over 4 billion students throughout the country, staff have to worry about speed and efficiency and food allergies, serving nutritious meals, and being sure food is kept out of the danger zone. Using the APW Wyott W-3Vi countertop warmer can help with all of these issues.

Flexible For All Situations

If school cafeteria staff have learned anything over the past year, it’s how to be flexible. School meals around the country have been served in hallways, classrooms, and gymnasiums. And while no one knows if alternate breakfast and lunch locations will continue to be necessary for the future, having commercial kitchen equipment that can adapt to any situation can help with special events and meals.

AP Wyott W-3Vi warmer chef serving

Other benefits for school cafeterias include:

  • Compact design that fits on any countertop with access to electrical outlets
  • Optimal heat distribution keeps foods hot and ready-to-serve
  • Simple food rotation with third pans, half pans, or standard full-size hotel pans
  • Assists with food safety and allergy management per the multi-pan design and easy separation of foods

Constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel and insulated to protect internal components and countertop surfaces from heat build-up, this unit is built to last.

Quick Setup and Service

In addition to food safety, cafeteria employees need to keep an eye on the service speed.AP Wyott W-3Vi Depending on the size of the school, the staff can see hundreds, if not thousands, of students during the day. Getting them through the line quickly to eat and return to class is a high priority.

The W-3Vi Countertop Warmer is simple to operate, helping to save labor in your school kitchen. With a simple temperature control system, the warmer is plug-and-play. And it’s insulated and distributes heat evenly throughout the unit, helping limit the amount of downtime waiting for food to be ready. There’s also a 22-quart capacity to make serving large crowds quick and easy.

Countertop warmers are perfect for keeping steamed foods hot until served. Find out more about the benefits of adding a steamer to your school kitchen.

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