Nutritious Conveyor Oven Recipes to Diversify Your School Menu

Feeding K-12 students is a challenge that nutrition directors face daily. In addition to federal standards on school lunch menus that mandate nutritional points are met, labor issues are prevalent in many districts. A Middleby Marshall conveyor oven is a perfect solution.

Flexible Conveyor Oven For Schools

Using a ventless conveyor oven is an efficient way to cook in schools. Stackable up to two units high, the Middleby Marshall PS638E-V can be placed wherever schools have room for the oven, which allows more food to beMiddleby Marshall PS638 conveyor oven cooked at once. Middleby Marshall ventless conveyor ovens are certified as non-grease emitting appliances. With internal systems for destroying grease-laden vapor, it keeps the air and surface around them clean without the aid of a Type I or Type II hood, saving money.

Save Labor In The School Kitchen

School cafeterias feed hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of people per day in a short time period. Cooking food quickly is a must. Students and staff need to eat and head back to class in a timely manner. Baking 30% faster than traditional conveyor ovens, Middleby Marshall ovens allow cafeteria employees to cook quicker with less labor. With Middleby Marshall conveyor ovens, school staff only need to place food on the belt and then not worry about it until it exits the opposite end. Easily operated, the oven lets staff see instant results and fully control the air movement, time, and temperature settings.

Nutritious School Cafeteria Recipes

Rejuvenate your school menu with these three recipes, that are easily executed in a conveyor oven.

Applesauce & PB Rolls Recipe CardMiddleby Enchiladas Recipe CardMiddleby Quesadilla Recipe Card   

Click below to take these recipes for a spin in a Middleby Marshall conveyor oven.

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