Nothing Cooks Like a Plexor Automated Oven

Speed and efficiency are the names of the game when it comes to a labor-challenged foodservice industry. More and more restaurants and commercial operators are looking for an automated oven and equipment that can deliver shorter cook times. With those goals in mind, nothing delivers like a Plexor.

The Plexor from TurboChef is a unique innovation that includes three separate state-of-the-art cooking technologies within the scope of a single unit. Controlled by a single interface and organized to include the exact solutions an operator is looking for, Plexor can cook an entire menu to perfection by automating, simplifying, and diversifying the cooking process.

It can be reconfigured for menus that change with the seasons or over time and does so by offering impingement, rapid cook, and TurboVect modules in the same unit arranged to any combination. Looking for two rapid cook units and one impingement oven? No problem. Want one of each? Sure thing. Plexor is totally customizable.

Three Diverse Cooking Processes in a Single Unit

Plexor’s unique versatility comes from the three different cooking processes it can provide. Being ventless, the high-speed oven can be placed anywhere it’s needed. And by configuring the unit using any combination of the following functions, restaurants are able to serve customers quicker.

Plexor Turbovection Technology

Convection cooking sped up, TurboChef’s Turbovection technology circulates hot air inside the cooking chamber to speed up the cooking process. From baking to roasting, Turbovection can reduce cook times across a wide range of menu items, making it a valuable, versatile tool for your kitchen.

Plexor Impingement Technology

Many TurboChef enthusiasts are familiar with their powerful impingement, high-speed ovens. With Plexor, operators can add impingement to other cooking processes within the same unit. Impingement provides faster cooking than traditional convection ovens by focusing hot air onto the food’s surface while allowing operators to redirect focus elsewhere until the cooking process is complete.

Plexor Rapid Cook Technology

TurboChef is known for rapid cook technology, so of course, this innovative cook method is included in the Plexor. By reducing cook times, foods get to customers faster allowing staff to service even more customers or to focus on other tasks.

Save Time With Plexor

The benefits of Plexor are wide-reaching, but certainly one of the most important is the ability to save time. Simply put, the Plexor reduces cook times across a full range of menu items. This time savings will lead to faster service, lower stress on labor, and ultimately higher profits. Along with the quicker cook times, this automated oven has doors that automatically close when the cooking process begins and open when cooking is done, helping with labor costs and time.

What do shorter cook times really mean? It means greater throughput and the ability to produce more and serve more people in a shorter period of time, ultimately, leading to greater profits. Plexor also delivers easy-to-control automation too, which makes training and retaining staff members much easier for today’s operators.

Consider this example of Plexor cook times to see just how fast this unit can be:

Design the TurboChef Plexor automated oven to the specific needs of your foodservice business.

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