The Newest Takeout Technology for Your Restaurant

The proverbial restaurant of the future will likely look a lot different than what we have today, and technology will largely drive those changes. From connected kitchens to innovative takeout systems, both restaurant operators and customers can expect to see an infusion of tech on the menu.

In some cases, the menu is the restaurant technology. As more and more restaurants look to streamline the ordering process, creating a digital experience that matches the ethos of the brick-and-mortar one is critical. For example, if an operation allows guests to select toppings for a sandwich as the sandwich is built, an online ordering app that mimics this process is a great way to stay on-brand.

Off-premise dining impressions now carry as much weight as the experiences a customer has once they enter the doors, but that internal experience does still matter. And it can also be enhanced by technology.

Pickup cabinets and food lockers are a huge component of the latest takeout technologies and innovations, and many are claiming they’re poised to be the next big thing in foodservice. With the right restaurant takeout technology equipment, there are benefits all around.

Takeout Technologies Benefit Consumers

Today’s pandemic-minded consumer is looking for low-risk and ease-of-use. The more time someone is required to spend inside a restaurant paying for or picking up meals, the larger the risk that customer might feel. Even as the world emerges from the pandemic, there are certainly consumers who still consider safety when dining out, and many of them are choosing takeout options.

As food lockers and restaurant takeout equipment have become more prevalent over the last 18 months, a new level of convenience has also been created. For those consumers who might now be less concerned with Covid, many of them are accustomed to new conveniences, and they’re not looking for them to go away.

Takeout Technologies Benefit Operators

The reality for operators is much different, and the need for innovative takeout technologies goes beyond customer convenience. For operators, technology is a matter of necessity.

The last few months have led to labor shortages that are almost unparalleled in the foodservice and restaurant industry. It’s difficult to train and employ staff, much less find them in the first place. Takeout and pickup systems that remove staff from processes like ordering, payment, and pickup can alleviate staffing issues while also reducing friction for consumers. The PUC (Pick-up Cabinet) eliminates the need for a staff member to manage takeout orders. Simply integrate with your existing POS and take your customer experience to the next level.

The Other Side of the Equation

Takeout is only part of the off-premise equation. The other component is delivery. For operators, restaurants, and delivery services looking to provide a great food experience outside the dining room, preserving quality is the key component. Learn more about the solutions to overcoming the challenges of quality food delivery.

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