Middleby Test Drive: The Easiest Way to Demo Cooking Equipment

You do hours of research. You analyze comparisons for days. And yet, you’re still not sure if you’re making the right decision.

No, we’re not talking about a new car. We’re talking about commercial foodservice equipment.

At the end of the day, the buying process for a car, a house, and even cooking equipment can be strenuous, stressful, and just plain frustrating. But what if you were able to demo the latest foodservice solutions near you, with a dedicated chef helping you along the way, answering any questions you have? Sounds pretty easy, right?

Welcome to the Middleby Test Drive; the easiest, stress-free way to demo and buy cooking equipment.

What is the Test Drive?

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The Middleby Test Drive is your opportunity to schedule an appointment with your local manufacturer’s rep and take foodservice equipment from the top brands in the industry for a spin. Whether you know exactly what type of equipment needs you have or you’re looking for solutions to match your menu, the Test Drive will help you evaluate the available options and find the perfect compliment for your business.

This is your opportunity to create a relationship with your local rep, chef, or chef team, and most importantly make sure you are buying the right piece of equipment that fits your needs and budget.

To learn more about the Middleby Test Drive, watch this short video below:

Try Before You Buy

Making a buying decision shouldn’t be hard. With the Middleby Test Drive, the buying process has never been easier. Does a combi oven seem like the right piece of equipment to add to your commercial kitchen? Take the guesswork out of buying and try the oven for yourself, cooking the same food you cook each day. When you try before you buy, you, your local rep, and chef will identify specific solutions you can feel confident about.

How to Find Your Local Manufacturer’s Representative

It shouldn’t require a wild goose chase to find who your local manufacturer’s representative is and where their test kitchen is located. That’s why we’ve created an interactive map for you to find your location on the map quickly and easily. Simply click on the nearest location to you and you’ll learn about your local rep, the chef that you can meet with, and their test kitchen location. This is also where you can click to schedule your very own test drive once you’re ready!

Now that you know more, it’s time to schedule your very own Middleby Test Drive! Find your local rep today, on the interactive map!

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