The Middleby Mixers That Can Help Your Bakery Operation

Bakeries rely on two pieces of foodservice equipment more than any others — their ovens and their mixers. We’ll save baking ovens for another time so we can focus on the different categories of mixers available from two Middleby manufacturers — Globe and Varimixer.

Slide-In-Logos_GlobeGlobe has a mixer for just about any type of job you can imagine in a commercial bakery. Mixer options include planetary mixers where the rotation is orbital with a single motor, and spiral mixers, which use two motors, one to turn the bowl and the other to turn the hook. Spiral mixers are typically better for bakery operations that require high-volume processing.

Globe’s mixers also come in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet just about any type of challenge, with options ranging from five to 80 quarts. The Globe 130- and 175-pound spiral mixer is an everyday workhorse that provides quality, performance, and value, while Globe’s all-purpose 20-quart mixer is the number one seller in North America.

[Additional Resource: Unsure about your mixer capacity? Check out Globe’s mixer capacity calculator to match your batch to the right mixer.]

varimixer_logoVarimixer mixers are some of the most advanced in the industry and are “strong as a bear.” Top-of-the-line mixers include a wide capacity range spanning from five quarts up to 150 quarts. Like many mixers, these are designed for high-volume, back-of-the-house uses, but with the Varimixer Paint option, they’re also aesthetically pleasing to the point where they can be used in front-of-house applications.

Every Middleby foodservice equipment manufacturer has a standard-bearer, and for Varimixer, that’s the Kodiak 20-quart mixer. Continuing a long line of National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovation Award Winners, the Kodiak is designed specifically for use in today’s bakery operations. One of the biggest features for the Kodiak is its sanitation/hygiene features, and the reason for the KI Award. It has an IP44 rating, which is why it was dubbed “the washable mixer”.

So how do I choose the best mixer for me?

Now that you’ve had the overall overview here is the bottom line. Globe has gear driven mixers that offer a solid performance and consistency with every batch. Varimixer has variable speed, which gives more control and convenience. Still looking for some help for the right fit? Let our experts give you a free bakery consultation!

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