How to Build a Ghost Kitchen with Middleby Marshall WOW! Ovens

The demand for pizza is unwavering. According to PMQ Pizza Magazine’s 2021 Pizza Power Report, the total sales for independent pizzerias last year went up. PMQ also predicts a 10% forecasted increase in annual pizza sales in North America this year.

Fulfilling orders quickly, being flexible, and streamlining processes are essential in a ghost kitchen. Making pizza baked with Middleby Marshall WOW! conveyor ovens can help you with all of that and more in the growing ghost kitchen industry.

Producing Food Faster

The speed at which a ghost kitchen can fulfill orders directly impacts their bottom line. An unevenMiddleby Marshall WOW! PS640 conveyor oven bake, temperature recovery, and being limited to cooking one type of food at a time can reduce how quickly orders are processed.

WOW! conveyor series ovens utilize variable air flow technology allowing the operator to have complete control of the air flow in the baking chamber, making for rapid baking without burning. WOW! Ovens also cook pizzas 30% faster than other conveyor systems and are stackable up to three units high, allowing more food to be cooked at once to improve throughput.

Providing Menu Diversity

Food on the menu of pizzeria-style ghost kitchens doesn’t only have to be pizza. Providing options, including garlic knots, breadsticks, wings, grilled chicken for salads, and calamari can provide additional revenue on top of pizza. Cooking those appetizers is easier using WOW! Ovens split belts. With individual speed controls, the split belts allow kitchens to bake appetizers on one side and pizzas on the other so that orders with multiple menu items can be ready at the same time. Thus, saving time, increasing delivery speed, and ensuring food doesn’t get cold waiting for the rest of the order to be cooked.

Getting A Consistent Bake

Nothing can be more disappointing than anticipating a hot, cheesy pizza with your favorite toppings and biting into raw dough. Maintaining consistent bakes on pizza and cooking your pizza at the correct temperature every time is improved with Middleby Marshall’s WOW! optional hearth belt.

With a finer woven mesh material that creates a higher heat signature, the hearth belt allows you to cook the dough directly on the belt the way pizza cooks on stones and decks. Putting fresh dough on the conveyor simplifies the process and eliminates additional tools, and allows the dough to pop and get different cell structures to give the dough texture and color on the underside of the pizza.

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