Maximizing C-Store Profits With The TurboChef Double Batch Oven

Eating meals from convenience stores is on the rise. A study by the app Gas Buddy found 56% of Americans purchase meals from a gas station convenience store every month. Offering a variety of hot food choices, like breakfast items, eggrolls, and desserts, gives your customers additional reasons to make a purchase. If your convenience store is ready to offer several options quickly, you need the TurboChef Ventless Double Batch oven in your store.

Offering Menu Flexibility

CSP Daily News reports that 16% of convenience store customers spend between $10 and $15 per week on food products. The Double Batch cooks a wide variety of food choices. From the start of the morning with grab-and-go breakfast sandwiches through an end-of-the-day meal of pizza and chicken wings, there is a wide selection of foods that the oven can cook depending on your customer’s tastes.

Getting Customers Served Quickly

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There are benefits to shopping at a convenience store, it’s usually a quick, one-stop-shop. Providing quick service also equally as important as offering guests tasty menu options is providing it fast. The TurboChef Ventless Double Batch oven provides short cook times for faster service as well as smart, preset menu selections so cooking is as easy as touching a button making for product consistency that your customers can count on. The two independent oven cavities allow you to cook different items simultaneously, making cook-to-order easier for the staff.

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Turning Small Spaces Into Profits

Even though most convenience stores operate on a small footprint, that doesn’t mean sacrificing on foodservice equipment. The Double Batch oven is perfect for countertops and stackable up to two units high. All of this allows for placement in spaces where traditional vents wouldn’t fit, or you never considered having an oven so stores can turn space into a profit center. There’s also minimal energy input from the TurboChef Double Batch oven, saving on electricity bills.

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