Maximizing Profits With U-Line Nitro Infused Cold Coffee Dispenser

Enjoying a cup of coffee is something that 62% of Americans treat themselves to every day. And 7 out of 10 Americans drink coffee at least once a week. But coffee isn’t just for breakfast anymore.

Two significant trends in coffee are cold-brewed coffees and nitro coffee. And now you don’t have to choose between purchasing equipment for cold-brew or nitro coffee. U-Line’s Nitro Infused Cold Coffee Dispenser handles both, making it easy to offer your customer unique choices while maximizing profits.

What Is Cold-Brewed and Nitrogen Infused Coffee?

Cold-brew coffee is not the same as iced coffee, which gets watered down as the ice melts. Cold-brew uses water to seep coffee beans for extended periods, usually more than 12 hours. The result is a less acidic drink due to the brewing temperatures. Since it takes more beans and less water to make cold-brew coffee, these drinks can have a higher caffeine content than hot coffee.

Nitrogen infused coffee, also known as nitro brew, inputs tiny bubbles into the coffee, making for a drink that provides a different texture from other coffee. Naturally sweet and with a thick consistency, it’s popular with college-aged consumers. Served on tap, it’s a coffee beverage that isn’t readily available everywhere and commands a premium price.

U-Line and JoeTap Together

The U-Line Nitro Infused Cold Coffee Dispenser pairs the innovation and refrigeration knowledge of U-Line Commercial with the expertise of JoeTap, the leader in on-demand Nitro Cold Brew Coffee dispensing. This partnership has created the ideal nitro brew cold coffee dispenser that can help your business stand out from your competition.

Offer Beverage Options and Increase Profits

Having a variety of choices available to your customers is essential to help maximize profits. ULine Coffee Dispenser The U-Line dispenser is versatile and can dispense both cold-brew and nitro coffees from its two taps. Using JoeTap’s patent-pending technology, you know you’ll get a perfect pour every time. And it’s the same technology used by America’s largest coffee chain.

Profit margins in specialty coffee can be high. Every shop doesn’t sell cold-brew coffee that isn’t pre-packaged, and many don’t invest in the equipment needed to dispense nitro brew. That means that people don’t blink at paying a premium price, and the dispenser will soon pay for itself.

U-Line offers several nitro-infused cold coffee dispensers in 15” and 24” widths with large internal capacities, meaning your team will be spending less time refilling product, saving on labor. And with a convection cooling system, which makes for a quick cool down and consistent temperatures, you’ll have less waste and happier customers.

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