Maximize Profits, Save On Labor With TurboChef and Carter-Hoffmann

College and university foodservice operations work hard to keep students and staff on-site for meals. The competition to serve food quickly with limited space and labor can be challenging, especially against off-campus QSR chains. Having TurboChef and Carter-Hoffmann equipment to automate processes, prepare meals, and get students served quickly can solve those problems.

TurboChef Ovens Are Ventless

Limited commercial kitchens can make food preparation challenging. Not only can this hinder the ability to offer a variety of menu items, but smaller kitchen spaces can also mean not having the proper ventilation needed for conventional ovens.TurboChef Bullet rapid cook oven TurboChef Rapid Cook ovens address all those points and more.  

Without the need for an overhead hood and with flexible installation, Rapid Cook ovens give college and university restaurants the ability to cook in places they may never have considered. Ventless Rapid Cook ovens come in various sizes, allowing new profit centers to pop up in any corner of campus. From the TurboChef Bullet, which is small enough to place on a counter, to the new Plexor, which can cook an entire meal in one unit, TurboChef Rapid Cook ovens suit any needs. 

Rapid Cooking for Faster Service 

Serving food quickly is imperative for colleges and universities. Students often stop for something to eat between classes, and crowds can slow down service times. To help with quicker service, TurboChef Rapid Cook ovens use top and bottom air impingement to move hot air throughout the oven. Assisted by precise bursts of microwave, Rapid Cook high-speed ovens decrease cook times without compromising quality.

Rapid Cook ventless ovens are so easy to use that venues with smaller staff don’t need to worry. The automated smart menu system can store hundreds of recipes, making cooking dishes as simple as pushing a button. This frees up employees to focus on other responsibilities, such as customer service.

Making Food Pickup A Breeze 

Being able to order food and pick up with minimal interaction is top of mind for many. Removing the step of having to stand in line for a takeout order speeds the pickup process up. And, according to Restaurant Business Online, customers have increased their use of online ordering and in-store pickup. One way to help distribute orders, even when there are labor issues, is with Carter-Hoffmann Pick Up Cabinets (PUC).

Offering the latest technology in online ordering and pickup, the PUC improves the speed of service, labor costs, and food safety. Students place their orders online or on their mobile devices. Once the order is filled, the customer heads to the PUC, which can be placed anywhere on campus. By scanning the code sent to their phone, students can open the cabinet and get their orders. With no face-to-face interaction, labor is minimized, helping to save on costs and assist in times of labor shortages. PUCs are available in ambient and heated versions, helping keep hot food at the right temperature for customer satisfaction and food safety.

Find out how to buy a PUC cabinet for your campus and get pricing for TurboChef Rapid Cook ovens by clicking below to find an online dealer or local dealer near you.

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