Making Perfect Sandwiches With Globe and Varimixer

Known as subs, grinders or heroes, sandwiches piled high with meats, cheeses and toppings on a long baked roll. They are so popular that, according to, 4 of the top 5 top sandwich restaurant chains in the United States are submarine sandwich shops.

If your foodservice business is considering offering sandwiches on the menu, having a Varimixer and Globe GSO12 slicer will help make the job that much easier.

Bake The Perfect Base

A great sandwich starts with perfectly baked bread. Having bread that can’t support the dry and wet ingredients of the sandwich is a disappointment. Make sure that the bread you’re using is perfect by baking your own. Using a Varimixer ensures that your dough is always the right consistency and you have enough to make plenty of rolls. Built to handle hard work every day, Varimixer kneads the dough throughout so it isn’t under-mixed, which means it lacks gluten strength, or over-mixed, making the dough too tight. Varimixer also has several mixer model choices and, since they’re hand-built, can be modified to particular needs.

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Pile On The IngredientsGlobe GSP12 Slicer2

Now that you have the perfect bread, it’s time for the hoagie’s meats and cheese. Being able to slice a wide variety of hard and soft meats and cheeses is essential to having a seamless sandwich production. Globe GSO12 has no motor hump to get in the way of the otherwise wide-open receiving area, large enough to hold those freshly baked roles so you can build the sandwich right on the slicer. Not only does this body design save time in slicing, but it also saves time during cleanup. Fewer hard-to-reach places speed cleaning and make sanitizing more thorough.

Add Globe to your kitchen

Sandwiches are used in almost every foodservice operation there is. Let us know more about you so you keep up with the latest for your business.

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