Keep Students Eating On-Campus With Variety and Quality

As colleges and universities start seeing students return on campus, food facilities gear back up for full service operating hours. The goal of keeping students and staff from heading off-site for meals and snacks is one that college foodservice operations struggle with daily. One study found that 69% of students eat off campus every week. Pitco fryers provide students with menu choices they enjoy, assist with quick service and provide quality foods, helping keep students, and revenue, on campus. 

Offer a Variety of Menu Choices 

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. The same goes for fried foods. Today’s college students have a more sophisticated palate than previous generations and are looking for foods that are comforting and different from traditional college food. Colleges like the University of Nebraska, Lincoln acknowledge that dining services need more cultural food options to help students feel more comfortable and at home. Having a commercial fryer in an on-campus restaurant allows diverse items like tempura, fried tofu, falafel, beignets, churros, and samosas to be available on the menu.

Provide Quick Service & Quality Food 

Since colleges and universities don’t have allocated lunch breaks, students don’t always have a lot of time between classes to wait for food. Providing efficient service helps keep lines moving and students fed without venturing off-campus to a quick-service restaurant chain. Thanks to built-in filtration systems that remove food particles to keep oil clean, Pitco’s deep fryers keep temperature, allowing food to fry quicker and more thoroughly. Maintaining oil temperature is also important because today’s students are eating outside of the regular hours of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Often referred to as the ‘fourth meal,’ this additional meal or two could be eaten early in the morning or late at night after the last class of the day lets out. This extends dining hall and restaurant rushes even farther. Having oil hot and fryers ready to go keeps on-campus restaurants prepared to serve quickly, even in the off-hours.

Help With Labor, Save Time 

Labor in the restaurant industry continues to be an issue. QSR Magazine estimates that the employee counts in the cafeteria segment are down about 58%. College and university foodservice businesses will have to contend with that and make sure that staff isn’t overwhelmed. By using equipment that automates cooking processes and reduces labor, excellent service can still be delivered. Options like rack fryers increase throughput capacity while automating processes such as two-step oil filtration. Add an oil reclamation system, and maintain superb food quality while freeing up staff to perform other tasks. 

Did you know that Pitco was the first fryer company to have a fully contained filtration system within a fryer? Learn more about the most effective and efficient way to manage your commercial fryer oil.

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