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Celebrated the first Thursday of every August, National IPA Day gives props to one of the most popular types of craft beer in the United States. Being able to brew IPAs correctly requires having the right equipment for every situation. Ss Brewtech has been engineering better beer for breweries since 2013 and can help you create great IPAs. 

What Is An IPA? 

Short for India Pale Ale, the IPA is said to have been created by British soldiers who were looking for a beer that would last on their sailing voyages to India. Knowing that hops is a good preservative, they added the green, cone-shaped flowers to their kegs of beer, successfully preventing the beer from spoiling and giving it a distinct taste. While some dispute this story, one thing all can agree on is the popularity of IPAs and the different varieties available. From English to West Coast to Double IPAs, each has its own level of hops, fruitiness, and alcohol content. 

What Brewery Equipment Makes The Best IPA?

Brewing a great IPA, no matter what style, begins with the best ingredients and the best equipment. Using a variety of flavor hops, dry hops, and aroma hops along with the right yeasts is importantSs Brewtech system to ensure the IPA stands out but is still drinkable. But perfecting the ingredients is only part of the equation.  Brewing in the right equipment can make or break your product. Innovators in brewing equipment design, Ss Brewtech was the first to market with a conical bottomed stainless bucket and a weldless kettle trub dam. And their expertise in stainless brewing equipment design and fabrication has brought on partnerships with breweries such as Sierra Nevada, Rogue Ales, and Russian River Brewing. 


Address Trends With Batch Size Flexibility 

With all the different styles of IPAs and the fact that craft beer is always evolving, being able to brew batches in a variety of sizes is something crucial for breweries. With equipment for single-day double batching or for nano breweries that create very small quantities of beer, Ss Brewtech provides the craft brewing equipment to differentiate your business and take your brewing to the next level.

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