Introducing the New TurboChef Plexor M2

We’ve already detailed the ground-breaking innovations of the TurboChef Plexor A3 oven, which allows operators to combine three different cooking processes in a single, automated unit. The Plexor A3 has received accolades from a variety of sources. But the team at TurboChef didn’t stop there. What about operators that require a smaller footprint and are looking for a unit that operates manually?

Introducing the Plexor M2! A new model in the TurboChef oven family, the M2 is built for smaller locations but with many of the same benefits. And it’s still the only oven in the industry that allows operators to combine impingement technology and rapid cook capabilities in the same unit.

Create a Wide, Versatile Menu

One of the most unique features of the TurboChef Plexor M2 is the inclusion of two separate cooking chambers that provide different cooking features. Operators can determine the right combination for their unique menu execution with options including an impingement oven, a rapid cook oven, a convection oven, or a combination of two. Depending on the menu being created, operators can curtail their M2 units to match that menu.

The functionality of the system helps to create exceptional finished items. Operators have an easy-to-use control panel that shows an image of all possible foods. Select the food being prepared, and the controls dictate which cavity to place the food in. Some items that are frozen or require internal cooking are best suited for rapid cooking, while other foods that require intense, focused heat like raw dough pizzas are best suited for impingement.

Count on the High Throughput Within a Small Footprint

This smart oven enables locations to offer an extensive menu without requiring a significant amount of dedicated space. At 27 inches, it’s compact for most environments. The fact that there are two cooking chambers inside the same footprint means enhanced production. But when those two ovens also provide speed and efficiency, throughput can be even greater.

The TurboChef oven also provides versatility in its setup. This includes the type of plug used, either one or two, and even adapting to fit what the location already has in place. Retrofitting is easy with the Plexor. This ventless oven offers versatility to meet the challenges in the space. As a high-speed countertop oven, it fits within the current space options of most versatile foodservice establishments.

Customizable Chambers Give Users Options

The customizable nature of these ovens cannot be overstated. The impingement oven can be on top or the bottom of this two-chamber system. That versatility makes it simple to configure the space for the operation’s needs.

The benefit of the rapid cook oven is that it provides versatility in cooking processes and needs. This particular high-speed oven makes it possible to cook a range of foods from various states. Cooking 12 frozen wings within about 4 ½ minutes in a tight temperature range is the expectation here. Even consistency and browning ensure that no matter what product is being prepared, it has the desired outcome every time. The rapid cook oven is very flexible in what it can cook, including virtually anything frozen or stuffed.

The impingement oven offers ample flexibility as well, providing even, top-and-bottom browning. A 16-inch, raw pizza dough pie cooks in about 3 to 3 ½ minutes. Within the same oven, it’s possible to adjust the settings for griddling by lowering the top air temperature and keeping the bottom high. That enables the ability to do everything from a grilled cheese sandwich, fajitas, or sunny side-up eggs.

When using the convection oven, hot air is circulated inside the chamber to help speed up the cooking process. With this Turbovection technology, roasting and baking are quicker and more even. Helping with customer satisfaction and service time.

Easy-to-Use Design

This high-speed countertop oven empowers foodservice providers in multiple ways. All while maintaining an easy-to-use design. The operator selects what they need to cook from images. This is an ideal option where staff may not use English as their first language. It also requires virtually no training time as a result. For many companies, this type of oven makes the operator’s job easier, helping to lower employee turnover.

For organizations ready to upgrade to a more versatile oven that can keep up with production without taking up much space, the TurboChef Plexor M2 is an excellent investment. The next-generation technology in this high-speed oven empowers better quality and faster service.

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