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Coffee is a big part of the beverage market in the United States. The National Coffee Association (NCA) National Coffee Data Trends reports that 62% of Americans drink coffee every day, and the average coffee drinker consumes over 3 cups per day.

Concordia Beverage Systems, Synesso, and Bloomfield

A one-stop shop for all your coffee needs, the Middleby Coffee Solutions Group puts Concordia Beverage Systems, Synesso, and Bloomfield under one java umbrella. It doesn’t matter if you’re serving a diner customer or a visitor to a high-end resort. Middleby Coffee Solutions Group has the machine you need. Here’s the low down on each subsidiary and how they can help your beverage business get all the tools needed to serve the perfect cup of joe.

Running a busy coffee shop means making sure that there’s always fresh coffee ready to pour quickly. Nothing is worse than making customers wait while the coffee is brewing because you ran out. For over 40 years, Bloomfield has been building equipment for heavy usage to help operations with a steady coffee business. This is why Bloomfield is THE trusted name in restaurants, community centers, and office break rooms. Larger flow control openings, stainless steel water tanks, and multiple elements to keep carafes hot combine to allow for more coffee service.

Today, several market places are looking for a super automatic commercial espresso machine, and we say look no further than Concordia Beverage Systems. Concordia delivers “bean-to-cup” coffee beverages and is intelligently designed, developed, and assembled in Redmond, WA. They are the first company to develop and patent a system combining coffee grinding, milk steaming and brewing, which makes this brand so successful in c-stores, cafeteria’s, and hospitality where popular espresso-based beverages are needed with a single push of a button.

According to NCA, 60% of coffee served in the United States is considered gourmet and has been brewed from high-end beans. Coffee drinkers in their mid-20s to late-30s are big espresso drinkers, and espresso drinks are considered a premium product. So having espresso drinks on your menu is an excellent way to increase profits. In the market for a traditional espresso machine? Synesso is the premier maker of some of the highest quality, longest lasting, reliable commercial espresso machines in the world. The units are destined for use by the industry’s most creative coffee professionals like roasters and specialty coffee shops in over 65 countries! Synesso is also hand built in Seattle and considered one of the top 5 best manufacturers of espresso machines in the world. Rely on Synesso for your espresso!

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