Introducing the Invoq Combi: Making Service Simple

For years, Blodgett Combi has been one of the top names in the restaurant industry. Their latest addition to the line, the Invoq commercial combi oven, is bursting with innovation and will continue to add to the legacy. This cutting-edge electric oven has features that will change how commercial kitchens operate, allowing cooks and chefs to churn out consistent, quality meals in less time.

Cooking Redesigned to Save Time, Money, and Labor

Providing foodservice operators with features to help with labor and service, one of the top benefits Invoq provides is helping save time. Every kitchen is working against the clock, so turning orders around quicker and more efficiently increases throughput, profitability, and customer satisfaction. 

Ease of use is another feature Invoq brings to the combi oven world. By providing instructions every step of the way, the Invoq combi oven makes sure users select the right options. In a labor-challenged marketplace, Invoq can make work easier by reducing production times and increasing staff retention rates.

Created with the latest technologies, Invoq is designed to be intuitive for users and operators. The Invoq commercial combi oven helps users save time in the kitchen because the automated cleaning system reduces potential downtime. Furthermore, because both steam production and the cleaning cycle are so efficient, it minimizes energy and water usage, reducing utility bills in the process.

One thing the Invoq isn’t reducing, though, is capacity. With multiple internal configurations and an extra shelf, the Invoq provides 17 percent more capacity than traditional combi ovens. 

The Invoq combi oven can even handle different menu items simultaneously, saving valuable space. For foodservice businesses with back-of-house space limitations, a smaller footprint can help an operation do more with less, including expanding menu variety.

Intelligence at the Tip of Your Finger . . .


Invoq technology offers additional ways to fine-tune the humidity levels within the oven. With CombiSteam, water is injected through the oven’s heating elements. So there’s no waiting for water to boil, and with minimal energy, Invoq becomes a steam chamber. 

Looking for something a little more subtle? Invoq Hybrid models offer HybridSteam. Combined with CombiSteam, high-density steam saturation is added with finer, more comprehensive control. To cook quickly at high temps, CombiSense is an automatic humidity system that allows for cooking at high temperatures without drying out food. Combine that with CombiSpeed to cook faster and improve yield, and commercial kitchens now have more control over how food is cooked. 

Automatic Intelligent Cooking 

With the SmartChef feature, the oven guides staff step-by-step through the cooking process for the perfect result. The ability to save and edit recipes as needed allows for consistency with every order. And with MenuPlanners, operators can keep track of all the racks inside. There’s even the ability to set up to three products on the same rack, automatically allowing the Invoq to compensate for temperature changes with CookTimeCorrection (CTC). 


Maintaining a clean cooking vessel is easier than ever with Invoq’s CareCycle options. The oven provides suggestions for the proper cleaning program, ranging from light to intense and turbo to eco modes. By ensuring that the ratio of detergent to water is always correct, this combi oven helps restaurants reduce their water usage. This is another way Blodgett Combi demonstrates its commitment to sustainability. 

Foodservice is in our DNA

With so many features, it’s easy to see why the Invoq should be at the top of the list for every kitchen. Restaurants and institutional operations that want intuitive features coupled with labor savings and faster throughput should look no further than the Invoq commercial combi oven. It just might be the perfect appliance your kitchen is missing.

Discover the Invoq model that is precisely right for you.

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