Induction Cooking Made Easy with CookTek Helios

Induction cooking and warming is one of the fastest-growing trends in commercial foodservice. Commonplace in many European kitchens for several years, the prevalence of induction is now expected to grow in the United States, as well.

According to Future Market Insights, the global market for commercial induction cooktops is expected to reach $17.5 billion by 2032. A driving force behind this growth is the fact that commercial induction cooktops and warmers take up less space and use less energy when compared to alternatives. Plus, they provide an added level of safety and will reach cooking temperatures faster than electric or gas cooktops.

Induction cooking also provides consistent results during the cooking process because it can support a greater heat distribution than other power sources. With the added benefit of enhanced durability, commercial induction cooktops are becoming more useful in today’s foodservice operations.

New Helios Models from CookTek: Making Induction Cooking Easy

As detailed above, induction cooking is becoming more popular because it’s easy. Induction burners can take up less space. They use less energy. They’re faster. And because of how induction works, the cook surfaces are safer for kitchen staff. So, how can induction cooking become even easier?

CookTek is pleased to announce the release of the new Helios models, a new enhanced user interface that provides improved readability and more precise cooking controls. To help maximize labor and make the cooking process simpler, Helios units include temperature display options and a power percentage, both usable via capacitive touch controls.

Key Improvements to the New Helios Controls

Helios, CookTek’s new enhanced user interface, provides improved reliability and more precise cooking controls. The capacitive touch control includes power percentage or temperature display options.

– 4.3” capacitive touch display
– Improved knob design
– Included on countertop and drop-in designs
– Percentage of power or temperature display options
– Automatic temperature shutoff feature

CookTek’s range of cooking equipment allows operators to take full advantage of the new Helios models across various cooking capacities. Whether you need a single hob, double hob, or wok unit, CookTek has you covered with options available in both countertop and drop-in designs.

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