Improve On-Campus Dining Using Follett RIDE Ice Machines

On-campus foodservice operations are being challenged with more demands for menu options and quality. Food Management Magazine says that while students are loyal first to their campus’ dining options, they’re also looking for value in their purchases. Making sure students’ on-campus dining experience is satisfying is easily achieved using Follett RIDE ice machines.

Competing With Other Options

Offering food products to compete with chain and quick service restaurants outside of campus is important in keeping students’ money on-campus. Today’s students have different food preferences and needs than students even ten years ago. According to Restaurant Magazine, more students are looking for vegan options, locally sourced items and ethnic food choices.

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But one thing remains constant: students love chewable ice. And that is what you get from Follett ice machines! Follett’s Chewblet® ice is preferable by more than 2:1 over cube-type ice due to its crunchy nature that helps drinks retain their flavor to the last nugget of ice.

Today’s students also are more concerned about cleanliness and staying well. That includes not only eating healthy ingredients but also making sure their ice is clean. Using Follett RIDE commercial ice machines allows you to have full access to the ice storage bin for cleaning and sanitizing whenever you need it since there is no ice machine on top of the dispense. Having a commercial ice maker in the back-of-house also lets you more thoroughly sanitize the ice machine itself out of the customer view. That, along with having a sealed evaporator to prevent the growth of microbials, helps keep your students healthier.

Taking On A More Modern Look

On-campus dining not only has to compete in the food arena with other dining options. They also need to be aesthetically pleasing to students. Having an outdated, worn appearance can send students headed straight to other eating establishments. Making your customers feel comfortable enough to stop, purchase a meal and maybe sit down to enjoy it starts with how your dining area looks. Many schools are designing new dining halls that offer a variety of food choices, adhere to social distancing, and have innovative kitchens to prepare meals for the customization and food choices students want.

Revamping on-campus dining options includes giving the beverage area an uncluttered look. Stored in a back room, Follett RIDE ice machines help reduce the amount of equipment your customers see. Able to be located up to 75 feet from the dispenser removes heat and noise from the fountain drink area. With maintenance performed away from the dining experience, there’s no need to manually fill dispensers, no disturbance on the dining floor and no disruption of beverage service.

Chewblet is a registered trademark of Follett Products, LLC, registered in the U.S.

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