How To Choose A Ventless Hood

Having the ability to cook anywhere there is space, without worrying about expensive ductwork and kitchen hoods can free a foodservice business both financially and physically. In addition to being expensive to install and maintain, having to rely on hoods limits where food can be cooked. Using a ventless hood allows for cooking anywhere, higher volume production and menu expansion. Which is why going ventless with Wells Ventless Solutions is a great solution for many restaurants.

Why Ventless?

Imagine having a commercial kitchen that didn’t have any ventilation. Now imagine the smells, smoke, grease levels, and air quality of the kitchen after a day’s worth of cooking. A lack of ventilation can also cause the kitchen to increase in temperature along with moisture condensation. But there are businesses that are located in places such as historic buildings, airports, stadiums, leased spaces, and smaller spaces that don’t allow for the installation of ducted hoods or rooftop fans for ventilation. Enter Wells Ventless Solutions.

Without the need to be vented outside, Wells Ventless hood cooking systems allow restaurants to cook anywhere there’s space. Most which feature a 4-Stage Filtration process that removes larger particles, grease latent vapors, and helps mitigate residual odors. The filters save time and money by providing an indicator light system that tells you when it’s time to change the filters. By being able to be placed under stairwells, in nooks, on countertops, outdoors, and in temporary spaces, Wells Ventless Solutions opens up endless possibilities for foodservice.

Canopy Ventless Hoods

Wells canopy ventless hoodAble to be mounted on the wall or ceiling, Wells Canopy Ventless Hoods work well with forward-facing equipment such as single or double-deck convection ovens, combi ovens steamers and more. The Canopy Ventless Hoods are an affordable solution for ventilation and provide quiet operation.

All-in-One Units 

Wells ventless hood all-in-oneThe Wells Ventless Cooking System provides an all-in-one solution for ventless cooking. These units are equipped with high quality cooking equipment built right into the ventless hood system, providing restaurants with a solution to immediately set up shop in any well-ventilated room or area. Or, expand production with a wide variety of equipment configurations. 

Universal Hoods

The Wells Universal Ventless Hood, approved to be used with the largest selection of electric cooking equipment in the industry,Wells Universal ventless hood WVU-96 can be accommodated without the need for traditional Type-1 ventilation. This allows operators the ability to mix and match a variety of electric cooking equipment under the hood to accommodate any menu. Fully self-contained ventilation and fire suppression systems ensure particles are cleaned from the air, making Wells Universal Hoods equally as effective as traditional Type-1 ventilation. With many different options in hood sizes, restaurants have the flexibility they need to safely create a variety of cuisines in non-traditional locations.

Choosing Wells Ventless Solutions not only saves on expensive duct work, but also eliminates the need to have duct cleaning done every month and can provide tax benefits in certain instances. Go ventless, expand your menu and start cooking in non-traditional spaces that can help create new profit centers for your business.

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