Beef Up On-Campus Dining with an Automatic Broiler

Serving students in college has changed. Often, classes are held from early morning to late night, creating demand at times previously not seen. And with online ordering and delivery, the competition has increased. Ensuring students get the immediate service they crave with on-campus dining is as important as ever.

What is an Automatic Conveyor Broiler?

A broiler emits direct, concentrated heat, resulting in a juicy, flamed-broiled product. The direct heat is similar to grilling, providing food with a juicy, seared texture and a delicious flavor.

While there are other types of broilers available, such as the classic underfired charbroiler, an automatic conveyor broiler offers the ultimate in profitable operations, supporting energy- and labor-savings and even reducing emissions.

In an automatic conveyor broiler, products are placed on a feeder which passes the food into and through the broiler chamber, cooking rapidly from both above and below. This results in a delicious product that cooks in approximately half the time of other methods.  Perfectly cook burgers, kabobs, chicken, fish, steak, and many other dishes that work extremely well in quick-serve college kitchens. Full-service flavor in fast-food service time!

Benefits of an Automatic Broiler in College Kitchens

Serving a variety of items gives students options, but it also could slow service if you don’t have the right equipment. A broad menu means staff needs to learn numerous recipes, which can be time-consuming and cumbersome.

With programmable controls, Nieco® broilers easily cook the proteins college students crave with minimal effort and reduced product waste. From a bacon cheeseburger to seared chicken, shrimp, and flame-roasted vegetables, it caters to a variety of tastes.

Burgers cooking under Nieco broilers

Labor continues to be an issue in foodservice, and colleges and universities are no exception. Nieco broilers allow staff to choose their recipe, place product on the belt and let the broiler do the work. By automating the cooking process your team has time for other tasks, helping save the university time and labor dollars while reducing food waste from human error.    

The Ultimate in Speed and Flexibility

Serving food quickly in a college and university setting not only helps get students through the line faster, it also keeps dollars with on-campus eating establishments. Using a commercial automatic conveyor broiler to prepare food at universities and colleges will save time and money on labor needs while cooking faster and giving food an unmatched flame-broiled flavor that students will crave.

Nieco’s BroilVection™ hybrid broiling technology cuts cooking times by up to 50%. By harnessing the broiler’s heat and cooking with a combination of radiant cooking, natural convection, and forced air convection, Nieco broilers increase output and reduce energy consumption, reducing food waste and ultimately improving profitability.

Find the right broiler for your college and university foodservice operation with Nieco’s product selector tool.

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