Just How Much Is The Pizza Industry Growing?

Pizza is a dish that almost everyone loves. It’s so popular that it can be called America’s favorite food. And with the U.S. pizza industry expected to grow over $42 million by 2025, it’s a designation that will continue.

How popular is this favorite? Let’s look at the data:

    • Three billion pizzas are sold in the United States every year.
    • More than 41 percent of us eat pizza every week.
    • Pepperoni accounts for more than 1/3 of all pizza orders.
    • Mozzarella cheese production in the United States equals nearly 80 percent of all Italian-style cheeses.

The Trends Behind the Growth In The Pizza Industry

Appealing to All Dietary Preferences

Pizza isn’t just the traditional red sauce on wheat dough meal anymore. The growth trends in the pizza industry are adapting to include many different types of lifestyles.

One trend that continues to be popular is gluten-free crust. Flourless crusts that use cauliflower or rice as a base have grown in popularity for people who have Celiac disease or are just trying to watch their carbs, without giving up their pizza. Dairy-free pizza is another trend in which many pizzerias are experimenting. Dairy-free options appeal to both those who are lactose intolerant or who might follow a vegan lifestyle. There’s even a demand for whole wheat crusts as a healthier twist, without sacrificing the traditional toppings.

Speeding up Pizza Production with Automation

Another trend we’re seeing is in automation. The ability to produce more pizzas without increasing restaurant labor can help foodservice businesses create revenue. Applying automation through conveyor belts, pizza bots and programmed recipes, the pizza industry can keep up with the growing demand from customers.

Popular Pizza Styles Begin to Break Regional Barriers

The growth of the pizza industry is also bringing regional pizza styles to locations around the country. From Detroit style, which was developed from a Sicilian style with a focaccia crust and cooked in pans purchased from automotive suppliers to New Haven style, which has a thinner than traditional crust with a chewy interior, these styles are growing in popularity and helping the popularity of pizza grow even more.

Pickup and Delivery Continues to Accelerate

One of the biggest trends that’s grown over the past few years is delivery service. People spending more time at home helped increase demand. But even now as customers are dining inside restaurants, the demand for delivery has not slowed down. With current delivery statistics 123 percent higher than two years ago and 61 percent of consumers ordering take-out or delivery at least once a week, pizza industry growth is sure to be a part of that.

As the industry continues to thrive, having the right equipment on hand can help get pizzas baked, served, and delivered quickly. This consistency will meet customers’ needs and create loyalty, ultimately driving repeat business.  It’s always good to know a piping hot pie is right around the corner. Fresh mozz and basil here, please!

No matter what type of pizza, Middleby offers a solution.

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