How A Food Steamer Can Help Your Government Cafeteria

Feeding employees and staff at military bases and government buildings can be a struggle. In addition to getting customers through the line during their allotted meal times, making sure there’s enough variety of food and creating nutritious meals is essential. Using a commercial steamer can help serve healthy meals at government facilities while helping get more meals served.

Retaining Nutrients

Steaming foods is not only a hands-off way to cook food, allowing staff to work on other tasks. But it’s also a nutritious way to cook. Boiling vegetables in water can blanch out vitamins while sauteeing in oil and butter aren’t always healthier options. Many vegetables, such as tough leafy greens like kale and spinach, are easier to digest when steamed over raw. And steaming helps proteins and vegetables retain more yields than when boiling or baking in a conventional oven. Making for more attractive food and larger serving sizes.

Steam is an efficient way to cook food. Holding six times the energy of boiling water, it transfers heat well for high-volume cooking.

The Versatility Of Using A Food Steamer

Maintaining a military or government based cafeteria benefits both the facility and the employees. Not having to leave the building helps employees return to work on time. Having cafeterias and restaurants on base or on-site is easier for staff as well, helping them save time and resources. Keeping the employees engaged with the meals is important for a successful work foodservice operation. Providing plenty of variety in a choice of foods can decide if the work cafe will succeed.

Food steamers can help workplaces serve a variety of food with ease. Many items, from proteins to cakes and cookies, can be cooked with a food steamer. Whether your foodservice operation is large or small, there’s a steamer that will accommodate what you’re cooking. A countertop steamer, like the Market Forge Sirius, allows for steaming at low temperatures. Using a Firex Cucimix to cook with pressure lets commissaries produce larger food capacities with high automation.

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Benefits Of Steam Cooking

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