Providing High-Quality Hospitality With Jade Titan™ Commercial Gas Ranges

Being the heart and soul of your business, a commercial gas range needs to be hardworking, functional, and durable. The customizable Jade Titan™ Series ranges compliment your hotel restaurant and can help employees work more efficiently. 

Heavy-Duty Commercial Gas Range 

Jade Titan commercial gas rangeDurability is key when purchasing a commercial range for your hospitality business. Hotel kitchens can run from the early morning until late in the night, depending on events and on-site restaurants. Continuous use in different cooking styles can wear down a basic commercial range. Titan Heavy-Duty ranges are the only fully welded professional gas ranges, providing greater durability. Stainless steel front, sides, top and burner boxes are standard to achieve the longest lifespan. Helping with your hotel’s return on investment. 

Customize Your Restaurant Stove 

Every hotel restaurant has its own specific needs, meaning that every commercial gas range shouldn’t be identical. Having commercial kitchen equipment that maximizes time, space, and effort is vital to be asJade Titan commercial gas range - Winged Foot productive as possible. Jade Titan range can be customized precisely how your commercial kitchen needs to help satisfy your hospitality guests. 

Prepare a lot of breakfast foods – pair a thermostatic griddle with your open burners. Desire plenty of temperature consistency and flexibility? Add a plancha top to your configuration. There are even options for step-up cooktops for easy back burner accessibility, refrigerated cabinet bases, island suites and integrated water systems. The a la carte options are endless to help your kitchen staff prepare foods for catering, room service, resort venues, and fine dining. And with welded doors and frames, there are fewer gaps, giving it a seamless look and assisting with cleaning and sanitation. 


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