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The past year has shown many Americans that the ability to vacation shouldn’t be taken for granted. As the COVID vaccine continues to be distributed, consumers are ready to start traveling again, including planning large events and dining in hotels.

Hotel occupancy in the United States has continued to rise, with percentages at their highest levels since the pandemic hit. Restaurants are being allowed to seat more customers. And states are allowing larger gatherings for conventions and special events such as bar mitzvahs and weddings. As customers start to return to the hospitality industry, being prepared with Blodgett Combi ovens will produce more food quickly, helping your hotel or convention center stand out. Blodgett Combi offers a wide variety of different combi solutions all featuring the same Blodgett Strong quality the brand has been known for.

Stand Up To Busy Kitchens

Serving food to 1000 guests at four events over a weekend isn’t strange in many hotel kitchens. As events begin to pick up again, having ovens that can withstand plenty of use is essential. Nothing is worse than having an oven go down on a Saturday morning in the middle of the busy season. Blodgett Combi Heavy Duty Ovens are built to handle the most hectic commercial kitchen. With a fully welded frame, they can hold seven full-sized sheet pans and withstand industrial use. Ensuring that you can continuously serve your guests their meal choices on time, even during very large events.

Cooking Anywhere On Property

Customers at the pool or a sports facility are ready to purchase a hot meal but might not want to leave to head to the large restaurants at your hotel or resort. But creating a kitchen where a ventilation system is required can turn expensive. But not with the Blodgett Hoodini Ventless Combi Ovens. These ventless ovens are available in a variety of sizes, from mini models up to full-sized models. There are no restrictions on what you can cook or bake in the Hoodini Ventless Combi Ovens – allowing your hospitality business to create extra profits where there were none before.

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Save Space

Efficiently utilizing kitchen space allows for faster service and more profits. But not every kitchen can accommodate multiple ovens. Using the entire kitchen area, both horizontally and vertically, lets hospitality kitchens cook more products simultaneously. So food service doesn’t get slowed down, or food that finished earlier isn’t cold when the other dishes are finishing cooking. The Universal Combi Ovens have a capacity of up to 500 meals in one meal period and are also stackable, allowing hotel kitchens to have the flexibility and extra capacity without taking up additional space. The Mini Combi is also stackable and perfect for smaller rooms or cafe areas.

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