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Holding and storing warm foods has always presented a specific set of challenges. At the same time, the use of water in foodservice, particularly in the operation of foodservice equipment, presents a different set of challenges. When you go dry and hold warm food without water, though, the benefits start to stack up.


When you install traditional wet warming wells that use water to provide heat, the costs can start to add up. When you compare construction, installation, and hook up costs with dry wells that don’t require water, plumbing, or floor sinks, it’s easy to see the savings.


Speaking of savings, when you use a dry well such as a Modular Dry Well from Wells, operators save roughly five gallons of water per day or 30 gallons per week. This saves 1,560 gallons per year.


You can also save on labor with a Modular Dry Well. Wet wells require additional, daily cleaning plus the added task of refilling the water throughout the day. This can translate to more than 150 hours of labor each year.


The last area of savings is energy. Dry Modular Wells only draw between 610 and 800 watts per well, using 33 percent less energy that standard modular warmers from Wells.


When wet wells run out of water, the food products they’re holding become jeopardized. In worst case scenarios, temperature differentials can swing widely enough to degrade the integrity of product. At best, those foods will lose their quality.


No water, no leaks. No water, no liming or issues from poor water quality. When you remove water from the equation, you also remove the potential for fixture damage, leaking valves and pipes, or the wear and tear that wet units receive.


What Operators Experience with a Modular Dry Well from Wells

wells mdwThis patent-pending technology from Wells is designed to hold heated foods at safe serving temperatures without the use of water. As we detailed above, this design results in a full range of benefits, but how are they accomplished?

Using tubular heating elements and a stainless steel fan, the need for water is eliminated. Each well uses its own control knob allowing for independent operation of each section of the well. The units can accommodate one standard full-size steam table pan up to six inches deep.

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