Brief Guide to Selecting the Right Middleby Convection Oven

Selecting the right convection oven stands as a pivotal decision for any commercial kitchen. Convection ovens play a key role in menu execution, making the decision-making process crucial. Middleby and our family of brands can help make that choice easier by reviewing some of the critical factors to consider, as well as listing a few solutions that can help operators overcome challenges and meet foodservice goals.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Convection Oven

Cooking Capacity: Middleby offers convection ovens in various sizes to suit different operational needs. For example, a bakery that relies on a convection oven will have different needs than a K-12 school cafeteria. Regardless of market segment, consider the volume of food the oven will need to produce and choose a convection oven accordingly.

Energy Efficiency: Prioritize energy efficiency in the selection process while also considering the type of power source desired. Some convection ovens can be powered by gas, but if a gas hookup is not possible or regulations are directing new operators toward electricity, other convection ovens can be powered with electricity. Also, look for units that integrate advanced technologies that will help optimize energy usage. Smart temperature controls, like those available from Southbend, can help operators lower energy usage while also making work easier for staff, thus saving not only energy, but labor.

Ease of Maintenance: Choose an oven that is easy to clean and maintain. There are several reasons for this. First, less maintenance means less labor. This is important in today’s foodservice industry, where labor can be hard to find. Maintenance is also important, though, because it can directly impact the lifespan of the unit. Convection ovens that are built with high-quality materials that are coupled with easy-to-maintain designs are more likely to work well into the future than those that are not.

Technology and Innovation:

Commercial convection ovens aren’t what they used to be. Today, units might feature precision cooking controls, intuitive interfaces, IoT smart kitchen connectivity, and even the ability to be located in areas where ventilation doesn’t exist. Ventless is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in the foodservice industry, and now operators can realize convection oven capabilities without an HVAC system. With ventless convection ovens, like those made by Blodgett, operators can save energy, valuable hood space, and thousands on installation and maintenance costs.

Investing in a quality convection oven that can deliver quality and efficiency is crucial for many foodservice operations. Not all ovens are suitable for a particular application, though, and that’s where the team at Middleby can help. Start by contacting a local expert to test drive the Middleby convection oven of your choosing.

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