The Evo EVent Griddle Will Enhance College and University Foodservice

College and university foodservice directors are constantly seeking new ways to keep students on campus versus venturing across the street for alternative dining options. One way to entice them to stay is with a versatile menu served in convenient locations. That’s where the right griddle can have an impact.

Griddles are already some of the most versatile units in any commercial kitchen or foodservice operation. With the ability to prepare a range of products at different dayparts, they also provide some of the most profitable footprints in C&U dining.

Simply put, there aren’t many reasons not to use griddles, except if you’re short on hood space. But not anymore. The EVO EVent Ventless Griddle series is designed for front-of-house cooking, especially for success on college campuses looking to enhance made-to-order foodservice concepts.


EVO EVent units provide ventless cooking capabilities that don’t require the added expenses of ventilation and HVAC systems. With a system that pulls air across the griddle surface through a series of filters, smoke and grease particulates are removed. Clean air is returned. The patented EVent ventless cooking station opens possibilities in commercial kitchen design.


Not only does EVent provide cooking capabilities, but units can also be configured to have several action stations serving students at the same time foods are being prepared. This leads to greater speed of service, a key factor in student decision-making when they decide where and what to eat.




One of the greatest benefits of the EVO EVent Ventless Griddle is its ability to be moved and relocated from place to place. Just roll the unit in, and customize your menu selections. This is great on college campuses looking to provide student breakfasts on a busy school day. Then, use the same griddle across campus on Saturday afternoon for an alumni gathering before the big football game.

Ventless Griddle


Technology plays a pivotal role on college campuses for a multitude of reasons, ranging from enhancing food safety to optimizing staffing and labor management. The EVent griddle is equipped with the latest in technology and safety, including touchscreen display controls, cook temperature presets, and a ventilation monitoring system.

Innovations in foodservice equipment are poised to continue addressing these challenges in the future. The key lies in harnessing these innovations to deliver efficient, convenient, and high-quality service.

Take the EVO EVent Ventless Griddles for a test drive! We have locations across the country for you to try before you buy.

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