Globe Slicers: Perfect For The Pizzeria

Americans love their pizza toppings. Making sure those toppings are sliced evenly is important, not only for bake consistency but also their appearance on pizzas and other menu items. Using Globe Slicers can help your pizzeria produce sliced meats, cheeses, and vegetables of the right thickness, every time.

Slicing All Day Long

Being able to slice a wide variety of hard and soft meats and cheeses is important in production atGlobe GSO12 sandwich on slicer a pizzeria. Having that constant flow of evenly sliced pizza toppings, sub sandwich ingredients, and salad makings can make the difference between having a successful night and one where profits lagged because it took too long to get product out the door. For those establishments that require a lot of sliced items because of order volume, the Globe GSO12 Slicer is the workhorse of the pizzeria.

One of the best medium-duty commercial slicers on the market, the GSO12 has an open-style body that allows complete clearance under the knife. With no motor hump in the receiving area, it’s a large enough space for plenty of product. It’s also large enough to hold sandwich rolls so you can build heroes and grinders right on the slicer. And the open body style also allows for easier cleaning and sanitizing at the end of the night.

In-House Theater


If you’re looking for some in-house theater slicing, Globe’s Artisanal Flywheel Slicer is your star. Beautifully decked out in red enamel with black and gold detailing, the Flywheel will draw attention based on its appearance alone. But don’t worry – it’s not all looks and no action. With nine settings, you can get precision slice adjustments, including paper-thin prosciutto. Fully hand-operated, giving your staff control over slice speed, you can take the Flywheel wherever you need it, with no need to worry about electrical connections. It also is designed for easy cleaning and meets sanitation certification requirements, making it the perfect charcuterie slicer for any pizzeria.

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Slice Your Way To More Dough

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