Global Flavors Influencing Espresso Drinks

Global food influences come in all forms and even influence espresso drinks, especially as the espresso market grows around the globe. Let’s explore some of those trends, including flavors and the use of alternative milk options.

Diversify Your Menu With Global Flavors

Changing up your espresso drink menu with different flavors adds depth to your offering and allows for baristas to have fun experimenting with different combinations. Spices that are native to Asia, like cardamom and turmeric, bring earthy tones to the espresso. Vietnamese coffee contains condensed milk for a much sweeter, smoother taste. 

Consider adding ground herbs to your coffee for new flavor profiles. Lavender provides a soothing tone and can be added to lighter blends. Tarragon, with its licorice-like flavor, recalls memories of candy and is a great pairing for espresso drinks, especially during the autumn months.

Don’t forget about South American influences that really highlight espresso. Add some cayenne pepper and cocoa for a rich, spicy punch to an espresso drink. Here are some unique ways to serve espresso to give your customers a taste that embodies flavors from around the globe:

Espresso with Cardamom 

A spice native to India and Indonesia, cardamom has a woody, fruity flavor. Often used in sweet and savory dishes, ground cardamom is a perfect addition to espresso. Add a little ginger, cinnamon and sugar and you’ll have a spicy espresso perfect for autumn mornings. 

Turmeric Lattes 

A yellow spice derived from a root, turmeric has been known as a medicinal spice for many cultures. But it also has an earthy, peppery tone that can enhance drinks. Add some along with an alternative milk, ginger and cinnamon to a shot or two of espresso for a turmeric latte.  

Lattes With Tarragon 

Licorice-like in flavor, tarragon is an herb that is a great pairing with espresso. Add some fresh lemon juice to support and enhance the fullness of the espresso. 

Relaxing Lavender Latte

 Well known for its relaxation properties, lavender also has a distinct aroma that will come through. To create the latte, just make a lavender simple syrup and add it to your espresso along with the milk of your choice. 

Alternative Milk For Espresso Drinks

For a variety of reasons, alternative milk options have become very popular over the past few years. Over 65% of adults say they’ve tried non-dairy milk and many drink one every week. Adding these plant-based milks to espresso drinks has increased as well.

Alternative milks for espresso drinks

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