Magic in the Kitchen with MagiKitch’n

Versatility and efficiency are always the goal in any type of commercial kitchen or foodservice operation. Over the past year, we’ve seen these goals become even more important, especially as foodservice has pivoted to off-premise dining and ghost kitchens.

These changes in operation types also come with changes in the processes and equipment it takes to execute them, and for operators looking to get more versatility and efficiency out of a given space, MagiKitch’n features some of the most customizable offerings for grills, griddles, and charbroilers available in the industry.

Let’s face it. Americans love a “grilled” flavor profile. That’s why so many of our favorite restaurants have signature dishes focused around grilled offerings. That’s also the most important aspect MagiKitch’n looks to create with the Series 600 Charbroilers and all their variations and accessories. In ghost kitchens, they can help operators develop these custom flavors across the full-breadth of the menu, making MagiKitch’n a backbone brand for grills and griddles.

Here’s why:

MagiKitchn Series 600 Charbroiler Infograph

A “Grate” Story

Making your signature mark from a grill is important, whether it is a perfect diamond pattern or sleek lines, make sure you are getting the char marks just perfect with the options you have. Stick with the tried and true standard heavy duty rods for all around performance and longevity. If you are looking for something with a little more flare try some variations.

Mix both square and round with a “Scround” Rod option. These grill rods are square on top to provide a more definitive grillmark, yet round on the bottom to help tame flare ups. The round bottom on both the Scround and Standard options help tame flare-ups by draining 70% of the grease into the collection box.

Cast Iron options also help provide variation in your grill choices. These options are great for specialty charbroiling menu items. The Reversible Cast-Iron option for cast-iron grilling grates come in standard spacing as well as a thinner fish spacing. Both sizing options are reversible to change up the brand on your protein or veggies. Want to get a great diamond branding or grill mark on your food? Opt for the Cast-Iron Diamond grate to get consistency without the need to rotate product while it is cooking.

Make Magic with Fewer Steps

While these Series 600 Charbroilers have their own base options with different stands, shelves, towel bars and more, create an entire grilling station with a refrigerated or frozen base with drawers to hold product. Prep containers of steaks, chicken, sausages, fish, veggies, cheeses and other accompaniments to the menu. By having all items safely stored in arms reach of your grill master, ensure as much efficiency as possible. Especially with items being cooked to various temperatures, well done items will already lengthen serve times and by putting a grill on top of a refrigerated base, you can shave off some seconds on each order.

Take a look at some ghost kitchen layouts, especially for sandwich and burger concepts in our interactive experience!

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