Enhance the Spirit of Pizza Delivery in a Ghost Kitchen with CookTek

Consultants expect ghost kitchens to be the top project type in the coming year. This growth is on top of the expansion in ghost kitchens we’ve already seen.

There are many reasons for this trend; there’s less overhead and staffing costs, locations can be easier located as front-of-the-house dining space isn’t a concern with real estate, and ghost kitchens can be configured to optimize production of certain types of cuisines and menu items. No matter how great the equipment and production, though, there’s one important element ghost kitchen operations need to consider in order to ensure success.

The Delivery Process

According to Technomics, restaurant food delivery increased by 50 percent when comparing pre-COVID statistics to those from the remainder of 2020. This is a staggering number, and it speaks directly to the point restaurants and ghost kitchens need to consider. Everyone has access to great ingredients, chefs, and preparation processes…but are they maintaining the quality from packaging to the plate?

The delivery process is so important! The Cooktek Thermacube delivery system uses induction technology to retain flavor and warmth. Ensuring foods arrive hot and with the right levels of moisture. Insulated bags may have been the only option in the past but we’ve come a long way in terms of delivery technology, and in the past year, the operations that pay attention to the details of delivery are increasing their odds of repeat business.

So what does ghost kitchen food delivery technology look like today?

CookTek ThermaCube

cooktek thermacube

The CookTek ThermaCube creates a heated delivery environment that stays precise for up to 30 minutes. Using an induction-charged natural convection tray, hot air is circulated around food delivery to ensure temperature, and with a VaporVent lid, condensation is eliminated. Units heat up in as little as 3.5 minutes and can recharge in a minute and a half. For even more ease-of-use, units are cordless, come in two different sizes, and are easy to clean. The ThermaCube is ideal for delivering a full range of menu items.

Thermacubes are being mounted to the front of scooters and bikes, placed in the back of 3rd party delivery vehicles, added inside Pick-Up lockers like the Carter-Hoffmann PUC. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. CookTek has two delivery system options depending on the type of foods being delivered.

CookTek Pizza Delivery System

cooktek pizza delivery systemIf you’re looking to deliver pizza, the CookTek Pizza Delivery System is the way to go. Take pies straight from a hot oven, drop them in a box, and insert them into a delivery unit powered by an induction-charged disc. Like the ThermaCube, they heat up fast and deliver a top notch flavor-full, crisp pizza!

Pay attention to the details of delivery and set your Ghost Kitchen up for success. Take a tour of a few Ghost Kitchen configurations!

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