Three Scenarios for Generating Revenue with a Ventless Countertop Fryer

In today’s foodservice environment, increasing food profit margin can be largely dependent on optimizing labor and space. The more revenue staff members can help create in a smaller or otherwise unused space, the more profitable a foodservice operation can be.

Foodservice equipment solely determines the output generated in any given space, while potentially reducing the labor required for service. And of all types of equipment, ventless cooking equipment can be a huge asset for operators, creating savings and generating revenue in ANY space available.

Consider ventless deep fryers from Perfect Fry. They’re easy to operate. They’re fast and efficient. And they can take unused counter space and turn it into profits. Let’s take a look at three concepts where the PerfectFry can shine.

The Brew Pub

Taprooms, brewpubs, and tasting rooms are known for their great brews, but those also go really well with fried foods.  After all, when taprooms can incorporate their own creations on a pairing menu with popular fried foods, it can be fun and profitable at the same time.

The Simple Math:

For a brewpub open all week, even a simple menu of battered chicken tenders, French fries, and onion rings can have a big impact. If operators make $4 per order on tenders, $3 on fries, and $2.50 on onion rings, the weekly revenue total can be more than $1,800 if daily orders equal 35, 25, and 17 respectively.

The Arcade Bar

Arcades and bowling alleys can be destinations for late-night food, especially fried food. Even for operations that are only open a few days a week — mainly on the weekends — having a fried food program that utilizes counter space can generate a higher food profit margin.

The Simple Math:

This time, let’s consider higher volumes with different price points. Chicken tenders earn $5 per order with 40 orders per day. Fries generate $2.25 in profit at 50 orders per day. Finally, 35 orders of onion rings per day generate $3.50 in profit per order. Now, if your bowling alley sells food from Wednesday through Sunday, the revenue generated from a small, countertop fryer from Perfect Fry is $2,175 for Wednesday through Sunday service.

The Cocktail Bar

The last decade has brought a true renaissance in the world of cocktails. From pre-Prohibition classics to the latest in trends and ingredients, cocktail bars are all about an elevated experience. Who says that experience can’t include fried foods? Though unique dipping sauces and culinary-driven condiments might make more sense (think Belgian-style fries with an assortment of dips and sauces), there’s no reason why fried foods can’t have an impact — and generate revenue — in a trendy cocktail bar.

The Simple Math:

Though the order quantities might be a bit lower in a cocktail lounge, the principles still apply. It’s possible to make money from utilizing the space on the counter. With 20 orders of chicken tenders per day generating $7 in revenue, 25 orders of fries delivering $3.50, and 15 orders of onion rings creating $4 in revenue per order, a cocktail bar can earn $2,012.50 per week.

Would you like to calculate your own revenues from a fried food program and a countertop fryer from Perfect Fry?

We’ve created a simple, ROI calculator that allows potential operators to enter a variety of quantities and price points, allowing you to generate your own weekly totals. Try our free Perfect Fry calculator today.


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