Frying Summer Comfort Food With Pitco Fryers

Warmer weather means getting outdoors and enjoying foods that remind us of vacations. Seasonal travel is coming up which will increase visits to restaurants. And with many people are ready to get out of the house to eat again with friends and family., it’s a perfect time to increase your production capacity of your restaurant fryer with Pitco Solstice Fryers, the best deep fryers for french fries and more.

Bring On The Comfort

Americans love their fried foods. The crunchiness along with the flavors of the different oils used help bring a sense of comfort and familiarity. Something that many people are looking for these days. Fried chicken products, including tenders and sandwiches, are extremely popular and able to be offered in a variety of flavors. Fried treats like churros and donuts bring back memories of state fairs while fried ice cream is a favorite in many Mexican restaurants. With reduced oil volume and auto filtration, Pitco commercial fryers always have the cleanest oil to fry up food as crispy as possible.

Expand Your Menu & Profits

With restaurants getting back open and more customers choosing to eat out, it’s a great time to expand your menu options. As people are gathering more with friends and family, they’re lingering over meals and drinks. Having additional menu options, especially appetizers they’re familiar with like mozzarella sticks and fried shrimp, can help increase your profits. Also having traditional summer favorites on the menu like hamburgers, hot dogs, and sausages means offering french fries and onion rings as the perfect side dishes. But expanding a menu without the right equipment is a recipe for disaster. Working well in any type of foodservice business, including quick-service restaurants, outdoor dining restaurants and ghost kitchens, Solstice commercial deep fryers allow you to cook more products quicker and more efficiently. Increasing customer satisfaction and the possibility of repeat business.

Not sure which fryer is right for you? Let your menu drive your selection.

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