Fresh Fried Foods with Pitco Built-In Filtration

Fried food is as American as apple pie. From chicken to potatoes to candy, fried food is a popular comfort food. So popular that there are even fried chicken wars between quick-service restaurants.

Keeping your commercial kitchen oil clean is vital for correct temperature and preserving food quality. It’s easy to make sure you’re filtering your fryer oil safely and regularly with a built-in oil filtration system.

Better Quality of Food

Dirty fryer oil impacts the quality of the food in the fryer. Not only by imparting the flavors of other foods but also because food particles can make oil overheat, causing the food to burn. A built-in filtration system makes it easier to extend the life of the oil you use, helping to showcase the food’s quality and making sure customers are satisfied with their meals.

Save Time and Money

Pitco Soltice Open Filter

Efficiency is critical in a restaurant, and saving time can save money. But saving time shouldn’t come at the expense of skipping necessary steps that maintain the food quality. Many restaurants avoid changing the oil in their fryers daily because it’s a time-consuming task that adds to their labor costs. With a built-in filtration system, changing the dirty oil is as easy as pulling a handle, pushing a button, or having it fully automated with certain fryer models. In addition to affecting the food’s taste, having dirty, unfiltered oil in your fryer can mean that you need to change the oil more often than you need to, increasing supply costs. Oil that is correctly filtered and covered every night can last much longer than oil that isn’t cleaned and stored correctly, helping to save money.

Keep Your Employees Safe

Filtering fryer oil can be a dangerous and messy duty. Even if the oil is entirely cooled, manually straining the oil introduces the chance of spilling oil while it’s filtered through a strainer. Which increases the risk of slip and fall accidents from oil being on the floor. A built-in filtration system is contained within the bottom of the fryer, so there’s no opportunity for employees to have to come in contact with large quantities of oil or spillage while filtering.

Pitco Built-in Filtration not only keeps fried food at maximum quality but also saves money and improves kitchen safety. Making it a great return on investment. And with Pitco’s SOS Smart Oil Sensor, determining the purity and remaining oil life helps you get the most life out of your fryer oil. The first company to deliver in-line oil filtration, Pitco delivers the top fryer systems on the market.

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