Fine Dining with Jade Suites and Beech Wood-fired Ovens

Experiencing a fine dining restaurant is something that many people save for an anniversary, birthday, or other eventful celebration. Providing exquisite food, fine wines and drinks, and service that catches every detail can make customers feel special and willing to invest in the experience. Having Jade Island Suites and Beech wood-fired ovens in your fine dining kitchen will help provide the tone and set your establishment apart from the competition.

Be Efficient and Productive

People go to fine dining establishments for many reasons. From paying attention to details to receiving attentive service, fine dining allows time to enjoy a meal without rush or stress.

But while being quick isn’t something that plays a factor in a fine dining kitchen, being efficient and productive is still important. Jade Island Suites are built for these two reasons. Being able to build a suite exactly to your kitchen’s needs, Jade can help your staff be more efficient.

Customize To Your Needs

Each kitchen is different which means that every kitchen’s needs are different too. The functionality and equipment needs of one restaurant can be completely different from another fine dining restaurant that might be down the road. That’s because the menus, size of the facility, and staff and other factors can dictate what equipment is needed. Designed from the ground up, the Island Suite integrates range tops, refrigeration, ovens, and water systems to maximize your time and kitchen space.

If you’re also looking for woodfired oven options to include in your Jade Island Suite, the Beech rectangular oven is a great option to incorporate a chargrill with standard stone hearth cooking. Using stone hearth to cook steaks, seafood, and other proteins while using the other side for skillets and pots for smaller menu items and soups can help maximize your space and bring different flavor profiles to your dishes.

Make It Attractive

Another part of fine dining is the aesthetics of the restaurant. From the way the table is set to the linens used, to the design of the decor – everything in a fine dining establishment ties together to create an atmosphere of elegance. That doesn’t stop with the kitchen equipment. The Jade Island Suite is beautiful to showcase in an open kitchen design without distracting patrons. There’s even an option for porcelainized exteriors that will tie into any decor. Your Beech ovens can be customized as well, allowing your commercial kitchen to shine as much as your fine dining restaurant’s food.

Pent up diner demand is coming. Does your fine dining restaurant have the oven space to keep up?

Don't Slow Service

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