Buying Restaurant Equipment Online vs. In Person – Now You Don’t Have to Choose

Today’s digital landscape provides more options than in the past when equipping a commercial kitchen. The traditional, preferred method of purchasing commercial foodservice equipment and supplies is to go see products in-person. However, there are also options for people who want to purchase restaurant equipment online. There really isn’t a right or wrong way to shop for kitchen equipment. Having options to choose what’s right for your business makes the process just a little easier. 

Buying Restaurant Equipment In-Person 

Gathering information in person with a salesperson is the preferred way to do business for some. The opportunity to touch and compare equipment in person can help make the decision of which would work best in your kitchen. With brick and mortar dealers around the country, Middleby is ready to get you in front of people to help. Our dealers can listen to your concerns and how your kitchen works to provide options specifically for your foodservice operation. We also have 22 test kitchens around the United States where you can test drive the equipment before you buy, including the Middleby Innovative Kitchens in Dallas, TX. Each kitchen has an expert chef to talk through recipe development, answer questions and help you find exactly what works best for your kitchen’s situation. 

How to Buy Commercial Equipment Online 

Researching equipment online can help arm you with the knowledge you need to make an informed purchase decision. With the emergence of ecommerce dealers, you can take that a step further and complete your entire purchase online, if that’s what you prefer. One thing to keep in mind when ordering large equipment online is coordinating the delivery, hookup and installation. Confirm if there’s lift-gate, and make sure to schedule your electrician, plumber or contractor to be on-site the day of delivery. If you’re purchasing multiple pieces of equipment online, work with the dealer to consolidate the shipments to arrive all on the same day.

A handful of restaurant suppliers had made a shift to an ecommerce model prior to the pandemic, but now, many dealers must pivot to accommodate online consumer buying trends that are now in full force. Many Middleby brands have a “Buy Now” or “Dealer Locator” page on their websites, where you can find in-person and online dealers. The choice is yours!

Schedule an Equipment Demo 

Whether you’re comfortable speaking with someone in person or starting your search online, Middleby has solutions. Consider scheduling an equipment ‘test drive’ to see it in action prior to your purchase. Get started today – we’re here to help! 


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