Find The Right Commercial Griddle For Your Kitchen

A commercial grill can be utilized for a variety of cuisines spanning multiple dayparts. Whether it’s bacon and eggs, fajitas, burgers, paninis or stir-fry, a griddle is a versatile piece of commercial kitchen equipment. With its flat top and enough room to cook large quantities of food at a time, a griddle can be used in restaurants, schools, food trucks and any foodservice operation that needs to feed a large group quickly. 

There’s a number of features to compare when determining which griddle is right for you. Here we break down three of the most important to consider.

1) Griddle Plate Thickness

It’s important to find a commercial griddle plate that is the proper thickness for how you’reStar commercial griddle preparing food. Thinner griddle plates (3/4 inch) heat up quicker and are generally less expensive. The Wells HD Series falls into this category, and boast a fast recovery between cooking. Thicker griddle plates distribute heat more evenly and stay hotter after cold food is added. In addition, the plate will stay hotter between batches, allowing for a higher output of menu items. Thicker griddle plates are typically 1 inch, and are more durable over time than a thinner plate.

2) Griddle Depth

Griddle depth is not as often talked about, but can work wonders when attempting to maximize space under the hood. Measured from the front of the griddle plate to the back, depths can range anywhere from 20 to 30 inches. The average depth is 24″. MagiKitch’n’s MKG Series and Star’s Ultra-Max Series offer customizable options within this depth. An extra-deep plate is suitable for an operation trying to maximize space, which is where Lang’s LG200 Series comes into play.

3) Griddle Width

The width is the side-to-side measurement of a flat top grill, spanning 24″ – 72″ (but sometimes even smaller! The Star-Max series from Star features a 15 inch wide griddle, the smallest of their lineup). Griddle widths usually come in increments of 12 inches, and make a direct impact on how much product you can cook at one time. This measurement will also depend on how much space you have in your kitchen; especially under the hood. All standard griddle models must be placed under a type 1 exhaust hood. If you’re using electric griddles, a Wells Universal Ventless Hood is a great option for non-traditional locations.

The cornerstone of fast-moving kitchens, commercial grills are crucial to a successful operation. They allow chefs versatility to craft different items simultaneously for quicker service, and produce large quantities of product at one time.

For a full feature breakdown, download the side-by-side comparison chart featuring Middleby brands APW Wyott, Lang, MagiKitchn’, Star, Toastmaster, and Wells to help find your perfect fit.


Download the Chart

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