Feed the Beast: Simplifying Seafood with Middleby Marshall CTX Conveyor Oven

According to Middleby Marshall’s director of culinary, Andrew Ostrowski, seafood is one menu segment that is more likely to be incorrectly prepared versus other types of food. Seafood preparation can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Nor should it be. Why? Because seafood can be extremely profitable. As a center-of-the-plate option, it can often garner higher menu prices than other selections. With the right processes, equipment, and training in place, kitchen staff shouldn’t dread preparing it.

With the Middleby Marshall CTX oven, operators can successfully cook seafood without all the labor challenges and intimidation that often come from these high-ticket items. In fact, the automated nature of these units promotes consistency and profitability by allowing staff members to focus on other important tasks as food is being cooked.

Let’s take a closer look at the Middleby Marshall CTX, specifically how it can simplify and automate the cooking process to ensure consistency and efficiency for the seafood items on your menu.

Maximize Space and Labor with the Middleby Marshall CTX

The Middleby Marshall CTX oven allows operators to prep, drop, and pick up dishes without all the labor-intensive skills required at a sautée station. Actually, it frees up staff, so the sautée station can be used for other types of preparation, like delicate sauces. The CTX can cook shrimp or ahi tuna without all the trained labor and kitchen space that might otherwise be required and does so with an unrivaled degree of consistency that can eliminate the need for remakes or food comps.

The proof is in the numbers, though. These automated units allow food to move through in a single pass inside a quiet, cool-to-the-touch cooking chamber that can reduce staff training times from two weeks to two hours. This means a labor reduction of one line cook per shift for the operation.

What Seafood Dishes Can the Middleby Marshall CTX Produce?

Whether it’s a cedar plank salmon or mussels marinière, signature seafood items have too much value and cost to make mistakes that will impact the bottom line. The reality is just about any dish can be cooked in a Middleby Marshall CTX, and operators who experience food waste as part of a seafood program can reduce the potential for human error by employing a simple prep, drop, and pick-up process with just about any seafood dish.

Ultimately, the best way to determine what menu items will work best in a Middleby Marshall CTX oven is to try one out. Develop and test recipes. Taste the consistent quality levels these units can deliver. Start by visiting our CTX resource page.

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