Unlocking Lightning-Fast Commercial Coffee with Concordia Xpress Touch 6

Commercial coffee buying trends have changed substantially over the past few years. Like every other food and beverage segment, there’s been an undeniable and hugely impactful change in coffee delivery and pickup. Imagine what sales would look like each quarter if your restaurant could sell more java, like the profit-generator caramel macchiato.

Create Commercial Coffee Programs Customers Are Seeking

Food and beverage managers must create commercial coffee programs that match customer demand to stay relevant and profitable. A recent study by Coffee Affection revealed a 5,380 percent increase in curbside and pickup coffee sales. 

Yes, that is correct; more than a 5,000 percent boost in revenue from mobile beverage sales! Unfortunately, caffeine lovers arrive in droves all at once. And when it’s during rush hour, every single customer is in a hurry. But, don’t forget the emotional experience espresso lovers crave.

In another study, 64% percent of people surveyed said they drink coffee throughout the day at the office. If you know anything about people who like a caffeine break at work, then it’s evident that a coffee pick-up has to deliver caffeine in addition to the human experience. Additionally, it’s essential to be prepared with commercial coffee equipment that produces more coffee, espresso, and latte drinks without increasing wait times for customers trying to return to the office.

Staying on trend is important in this segment. Studies found that 34 percent of espresso drinkers prefer caramel-flavored coffee to other flavors. And surprisingly, pumpkin spice lattes sit low in the rankings, with only six percent of java-drinkers choosing it as their favorite flavor. 

Shorten Pickup Times

It can be easy for your front-of-house (FOH) team to shorten pickup times when using the right commercial coffee equipment. Consider the 22 percent of Americans ordering cinnamon dolce lattes every lunch break. If you can serve them high-quality coffee in two minutes or less, they’ll likely become regulars and leave positive online reviews.

Today’s foodservice market is forcing café and coffee shop managers to provide premium-tasting coffee with less in-person contact at an expedited speed. Chain restaurants and bistros using commercial automatic coffee equipment are trying to set themselves apart from the competition. Adding the best espresso maker and innovative commercial coffee solutions to your business helps you reach profit goals and creates an exciting buzz for your operation.

Introducing the Concordia Xpress Touch 6

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If high-quality in less time is essential, no other automated coffee machine or commercial espresso equipment can deliver. Compared to other industry competitors, the Xpress Touch 6 has several advantages.

The Concordia Xpress Touch 6 quickly pours out high-quality coffee drinks and is perfect for foodservice operators in any commercial business or institution. From cafés to grocery stores and even high school coffee programs, this is how to serve over 1,000 premium coffee combinations with ease and less labor. The ease of use is unmatched; it even offers innovative self-serve features.

Take a closer look at the Xpress Touch 6

The Xpress Touch 6 is a cutting-edge automated coffee machine engineered to revolutionize beverage programs. This formidable commercial automatic coffee machine combines innovation, efficiency, and craftsmanship to provide an unforgettable brewing experience. Customers will appreciate the speed and keep coming back for more.  

Find out more about how the Concordia Xpress Touch 6 can help your beverage business grow:

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